New England Journal of Medicine releases iPad edition

New England Journal

With the world of information congregating to the internet, it should come as no surprise when leading scholarly publications also seek to make their entry onto the world of mobile digital content. Several journals and publishers have already carved a space for themselves on the online platform by offering their content for downloading on digital readers such as eBooks and smartphones. The most recent giant to join this trend is the New England Journal of Medicine. The esteemed journal has announced that it will offer its content to be downloaded via an application specially developed for this purpose.

England Medical Journal Moves to the iPad

The New England Journal of Medicine is a renowned and respected name in the world of medical research and scholarship. It has been around for more than two centuries and has contributed to the development of medical knowledge through its well-researched scholarly articles. The decision to move its content to the iPad should generate considerable excitement and enthusiasm among the medical research community.


Scholarly Content in Multiple Media

The journal is known for its peer-reviewed articles that will now be available for downloading through its special iPad edition. This edition will be updated every week giving subscribers the opportunity to find something new to download every week. The journal has made great efforts to fully exploit the digital platform by providing content in a variety of media other than the traditional printed text. To achieve greater interactivity, the iPad edition promises to deliver content in audio as well as video formats. The images will be expandable so that diagrams, tables, and charts can be viewed easily and clearly on the screen.

Sharing and Other Features

Taking a cue from the success of popular social networking sites, the iPad edition will also allow subscribers to share content with others via websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and email. They will be able to make notes and insert bookmarks and search for information electronically. All of this will save time and make scholarships more intuitive.
The medical journal is making grand promises to subscribers by making content available in a more user-friendly way than before. It is heartening to see that the leading journal is making an effort to reach out to an audience that is more technology-savvy than ever and is more comfortable with digital content than with content in a traditional form.

Subscription Rates

The new application that will enable access to the iPad edition has been made available for free from the online iTunes App Store. Users who are already subscribers to the print edition of the journal will enjoy access to the iPad version free of charge. New subscribers to the iPad content will have to pay $5.99 for a single issue while monthly subscriptions will cost $14.99. However, non-subscribers will be able to access one entire issue without having to pay anything. With so many benefits, the outlook for the success of the iPad version looks promising indeed.

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