What Does It Means By “Lg Tv Not Connecting To Wifi.” Smart LG Tv Not Connecting To Wifi: Why?

lg tv not connecting to wifi

Is lg tv not connecting to wifi? When the WiFi isn’t stable, trying to use the smart TV’s capabilities is annoying. If you often use streaming services, you may be unable to enjoy your TV without an active internet connection. This post will help resolve your problem and establish a WiFi connection on your LG TV.

How To Connect LG Tv With Wi-Fi?

The following procedures must be carried out to link your LG TV to your wireless network:

  • Turn on the television
  • Access the LG TV’s network menu.
  • Just tap the Smart, Menu, or Configuration icons.
  • Locate the Networking option.
  • Click the “Connect Now” button.

From then on, your TV should look for available WiFi networks mechanically. You will be asked for an authentication code if everything runs smoothly.

What are the common reasons that LG tv does not connect to Wi-Fi?

Your LG TV might be unable to link to your home Wi-Fi network for various reasons, software and hardware-related. However, the good news is that problems of it tend to have quick solutions. The most frequent causes are as follows:

  • There need to be more users on this Wi-Fi hotspot. Your household probably utilizes your home network, meaning your smart TVs, desktop computers, and smartphones are all linked.
  • The router or modem must be fixed or replaced because it is broken
  • Your LG TV may be located too distant from the router, resulting in a weak internet connection.
  • Items in your home might cause interference. Your LG TV can’t connect to Wi-Fi since other routers are already in use on the same frequency. It could be one of the other common appliances in your home.
  • It could be the time zone settings on your LG TV. The TV’s inability to connect to your Wi-Fi network is directly related to the accuracy of its date and time settings.
  • There may be an invalid Wi-Fi password. It’s plausible, though I wouldn’t put money on it.
  • It could be an insignificant setback. If it’s a common glitch, you can only give it a few minutes to fix itself. Calling customer service could be necessary if everything has stayed the same.

What Are The Solutions For LG Tv Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

If your LG TV has issues connecting to WiFi, you don’t need to worry. Errors appear when you try to connect it to the internet, and they change depending on the TV and its operating system. The best solutions to the LG TV not connecting to WiFi are as follows:

  • LG tv not connecting to wifi automatically

You may have an issue with your LG TV even though the Internet usually functions, and other gadgets may connect to it. It’s possible, though highly improbable that there are already too many wireless devices on your home network, and that’s why your TV cannot connect to wifi automatically.

  • LG tv not connecting to wifi says wifi is turned off

A manufacturing defect in some older LG devices manifests itself when trying to establish a WiFi connection. If you receive this alert, lay the TV on its back on a table or other flat surface and take the TV’s back off. Verify the WiFi module’s flat silver cables at the bottom. Flatten them out if they are bent or curved, be cautious, not tand o damage them or pull them out of the WiFi module.

  • LG tv not connecting to wifi after reset

If the issue persists after a reset, try unplugging the modem/router for 10 seconds before reconnecting it once the initialization is complete, power down the TV and then back on to re-establish the network link.

  • LG tv keeps disconnecting from the wif.

Simply reset or power cycle your smart TV if your LG television continues declining its Wi-Fi connection. It will terminate the complex applications and reset all links. Simply power down your LG television by pulling the plug. Immediately after that, attempt to connect it back in to see if the issue still exists.

  • LG tv is not connecting to wifi saying no internet connection

If you can access the Wi-Fi but are told there is no connectivity at all, verify to see if any additional gadgets are correctly linked to the internet. Contact your ISP if they’re functioning correctly, and the problem notice still appears on your TV.

What Are The Other Options Besides Using Wifi With Your LG Tv?

Avoid any potential security risks associated with having a smart TV by not linking it to the internet. However, this will prevent you from using those intelligent qualities. You have different possibilities if you don’t want to mess with wifi connectivity but continue to use the applications on your LG TV.

  • Wired or Ethernet connectivity

You can use an Ethernet cable to hook up to the television from your network if you want to connect it via wire. The connection is usually more stable after checking your internet speed and ensuring the router is on,

  • Streaming Gadget

Instead of using a hardwired connection, an ethernet cable can be run from your router directly to your TV. Since the router is on, your access to the internet will be constant, and it will be more stable.

  • Game system

Connecting a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Xbox One S to your TV lets you watch digital content from services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and many more.
  • Screen Casting

Mirroring and screencasting are functionally equivalent except for screencasting, which is app-specific and limited to casting a single program at a time. Launch a screencasting-capable app like YouTube. To begin casting, go to the application’s casting icon. When prompted, input the Smart TV’s unique code, which may be found on the back of your TV. To start watching, just select Cast.


It’s upsetting when your smart TV suddenly loses (or can’t gain) WiFi access, but the problem is typically easy to remedy. If, at first, you are unsuccessful, strive again and again because prosperity is nearby the bend. And a system reboot is surprisingly effective. But if you still face the same issue, take the TV  to a repairer in your area for inspection.

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