The iOS 15 FaceTime Netflix Guide: (All Fundamentals)

how to watch netflix on facetime

iOS 15 users cannot share Netflix or live TV over FaceTime. FaceTime streaming requires a SharePlay-compatible app. Netflix doesn’t support FaceTime on iOS 15 yet. Thus, you can’t watch Netflix with anyone.

If you’ve been following Apple’s iOS releases, this is how to watch Netflix on Facetime. That was fascinating, and as a Netflix user, I wondered about FaceTime iOS 15’s approach. It wasn’t what I expected.

Netflix may be used with FaceTime on iOS 15 devices. Stay—we’re starting.

How To Watch Netflix On Facetime?

You may watch Netflix on Facetime together by simply launching the Netflix app and choosing the “Facetime” option. The currently-viewed film or television program will then begin broadcasting through the app.

You can enjoy the latest shows and films on the FaceTime app with your Apple-using friends and family because Netflix is still the most widely used online provider.

A handful of the numerous improvements available to watch Netflix on Facetime in iOS 15 include Focus Mode, improved Face ID, updates to Apple Wallet, and SharePlay.

The SharePlay feature has several requirements, including requiring an iPhone running version 15.1, an upgrade that added the ability to share content.

How to watch Netflix on Facetime screen share?

Though you can’t view Netflix live through FaceTime, you can still use screen share Netflix on iPhone Facetime. SharePlay is a function that lets customers of the iPhone view films and swap music with their friends.

The FaceTime app has an instant link to the SharePlay option, making it simple to broadcast films. Below are the procedures you may follow to let your friends watch Netflix with you on FaceTime:

Share a Link

  • IPhone owners on iOS 15 or later must launch the mobile application to employ FaceTime.
  • Choose “Create a link” from the menu’s drop-down list.
  • To provide the link, simply hit the “I” option that appears next to it.
  • You may invite those around you to this session by sharing the link with them via any messaging program you want.

Use FaceTime

  • Pick the New FaceTime choice and then choose the people you wish to pass on the movie with.
  • To begin screen sharing using FaceTime, click the FaceTime icon.
  • The “screen share” button can be accessed from the upper right side of the conference window.
  • Choose In the new box, select Share My Screen.
  • Gather your pals and watch whatever movie you choose, courtesy of Netflix.
  • To begin watching the film through streaming, you must first pick the SharePlay option.

Does Netflix support SharePlay?

Customers may display their screens while discussing using SharePlay, an update of the FaceTime software similar to Zoom. Apple asserts that the primary purpose of this function is to facilitate inter-iOS user assistance within a FaceTime conversation, whether through sharing a game or movie, diagnosing an operational problem, or browsing an integrated app.

To watch Netflix on faceTime MacBooks,  iPads, and iPhones, the SharePlay feature could also be helpful. For the SharePlay feature to work, you’ll need an iPhone with iOS 15.1, an iPad with iPadOS 15.1, and a Mac with MacOS Monterey 12.1.

If you hate viewing videos or shows on a small screen, you may still cast your FaceTime call on your Apple TV with SharePlay turned on. Several popular streaming services, including Hulu, HBO GO, TikTok, and ESPN Plus, have partnered with Apple to bring you the SharePlay feature.

How To start using SharePlay?

This innovative feature of Apple Shareplay Netflix allows users to watch movies during video conferences. It requires the most recent software updates, as explained above.

Following these steps, you can turn on SharePlay and show others your display.

  • Get ready to start your preferred broadcasting app.
  • Let’s discuss a film or TV show you’re both interested in. Click the Menu or Share button.
  • You can invite a friend to use the app by selecting the SharePlay SharePlay option and inputting that person’s details.
  • By choosing FaceTime, a video call can be started. The audio button allows you to begin a voice call in FaceTime.
  • Let the film start.
  • Launching FaceTime will initiate a call.
  • During the FaceTime call, select “Share Screen” from the menu.

The only requirement is that both users have the app to watch movies together on Facetime and subscribe to the service from which the content is being streamed.

What to do when Netflix SharePlay not working?

If Netflix Shareplay is not working, you can try the given steps below:

See if your iOS is up-to-date

You can use SharePlay to do things like share your screen while watching a movie or listening to music with your friends on FaceTime. Check your device immediately to ensure it has iOS 15.1 or later.

  • Select “General” > “About” > “Settings”
  • Verify the Current Software Release

Be sure to turn on SharePlay

  • Go to FaceTime > Settings
  • Click the SharePlay tab
  • Select the SharePlay option
  • Turn on hands-free SharePlay for your favorite shows and tunes.

Verify your app’s setting

The following step is determining if SharePlay is malfunctioning for just one app or failing entirely. You should try using some other screen-sharing software. If you suspect an application-related problem, try these steps.

  • Does the app have SharePlay functionality? – SharePlay is compatible with various apps, from Disney+ to Twitch and Apple’s Music and TV+ services.
  • Problems with subscriptions — Each user on a FaceTime call needs to have their own paid account with the service. Ensure all call participants are signed into their respective apps to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • Verify the tool of the other player.

There are no one-way streets in SharePlay. Everyone involved must have a subscription and an Apple device (running iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, or macOS Monterey) to participate. Also, check to see that they have SharePlay turned on on their gadget.

You may always call someone else if you still need to determine whether the problem is yours. If it turns out to be the other end, please provide them with this page so they can find a solution.

Even though you can now FaceTime from an Android or Windows device, SharePlay is still only available within the Apple ecosystem.

Make sure your connection is stable and quick

SharePlay problems could be related to your connection speed. Also, if the connection isn’t reliable, there will be interruptions, delays, and other problems. So, the first thing to do is test your connection speed; websites like and are great. Also, you may watch a high-quality YouTube video without worrying about your connection dropping frames.

Start by resolving that problem; for example, by rebooting your router. Alternatively, you can reboot your iPhone’s network by activating Aeroplane mode for a short period of time.


In an effort to watch Netflix with friends, several people have complained about why can’t I screen share Netflix on Facetime. While it’s true that Netflix doesn’t offer direct streaming through FaceTime, the newest update to the SharePlay app makes it possible to watch a movie on Facetime with someone and share Netflix’s screen. It’s a way for movie fans to watch Netflix with their iPhones’ help, and it doesn’t require a significant software redesign.

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