What Are The Best Ways For iPhone SOS Mode Turned Off

iPhone sos mode turn off

It is simple to disable SOS on an iPhone. There’s no urgency in taking it to the professionals; all you require to do is stick to a few simple instructions to resolve it immediately at your own place. Read this article till the end as we walk you over the various options you have to resolve this statement; How to iPhone SOS mode turn off.

What Is SOS On an iPhone?

iPhone owners are observing an “SOS” symbol in their device’s activity bar as a result of interruptions and network problems. Even now, when the network disruptions are apparently over, several iPhones are still displaying this SOS indicator in place of the typical cellular connection information.

It’s critical to note that these features are not the same as the Emergency SOS iPhone and Apple Watch, which are capable of calling an emergency on your part. SOS indicates that the iPhone is not linked to a mobile network but you are able to place emergency calls, according to Apple’s explanation in a customer service website.

The United States, Canada, and Australia are the only countries where this function is now accessible. As a result, the “SOS” indicator will frequently appear in the notification area whenever your iPhone loses wireless connectivity, especially when your provider encounters a network failure.

What Are The Reasons For The iPhone SOS Mode Turned Off?

If your iPhone 12/13/14 is stuck in SOS mode, there are a number of potential causes:

  • By pushing the left key and audio lever at the same time, you might have mistakenly started the SOS mode.
  • The iPhone may get confined in SOS mode after an iOS upgrade that failed to finish or was aborted.
  • An SOS button cycle could be caused by a problem with the knobs or additional computer parts.
  • The iPhone may enter SOS status and get trapped as a result of a software problem.

How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone?

  • Turn off SOS on iPhone via Settings

If you are unwilling to retain emergency SOS activated on your iPhone 12/13/14 simply adhere to the instructions below to disable it in the Settings app.

Open your iPhone > Settings App> Emergency SOS > Side Button > Auto Call option > Disable call.

That’s the time all; your iPhone’s SOS feature has been completely disabled. Following identical procedures to set up it, and finally choose both possibilities to activate the SOS mode.

  • Turn off SOS on iPhone via Siri

Siri is the ideal choice if you favor voice instructions because it allows you to turn off the SOS mode on your iPhone on 12/13/14. Because of how easy the process is, even a novice can disable that function. For instructions, see below.

By tapping on the side control or saying “Hey Siri,” you must first enable Siri on the device you’re using Siri > Turn off Emergency SOS.

Siri will immediately indicate that you have removed this option on your iPhone.You should be aware that if you disable an option, you will no longer be eligible to access it in an emergency. Therefore, reconsider before removing it from the gadget.

  • Turn off SOS Mode on iPhone by Update IOS

Software bugs can occasionally be fixed by upgrading your iPhone to the most recent IOS release. The most recent safety updates, corrections of bugs, and added features are all made possible by installing your iOS.

You are able to preserve the best efficiency and application and resource availability on your IOS device by maintaining it updated. To upgrade iOS on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Open > Settings app > General > Software Update > Download and Install > Start Installation

The gadget may reboot throughout the process of setup. Avoid pausing the procedure or turning off the tool. Your smartphone will reactivate once the software installation is finished, and you’ll then see the “Hello” screen. In order to finish this process, if required, adhere to the on-screen directions.

  • Turn off SOS Mode on iPhone by Toggling on And off Airplane Mode

Currently, a lot of people with iOS have claimed that the problem can be resolved by going on and off Airplane Mode. Simply toggle on airplane mode and then switch it off once SOS is triggered on the gadget. The SOS indicator will eventually vanish from the notification bar, and your iPhone will restart its signal search after a brief interval.

The methods below will show you how to disable SOS on an iPhone. Open Home Screen > Settings App > Airplane mode.

Additionally, from the Control Center, you may turn on and off Airplane mode. Drag down and click > Control Center > Airplane mode option to enable and disable it.


The iPhone’s SOS option is a useful security measure that enables users to contact emergency numbers and instantly reach assistance in critical circumstances. Yet, there are situations when the device could get stuck in SOS mode for a variety of causes, like inadvertent stimulation, software bugs, or hardware problems.

This manual presented strategies to fix an iPhone stuck in SOS method, gave an overall summary of the mode, described its causes, and covered its use. Along with that, we addressed how to exit an SOS alert and addressed the most raised questions about it.


Can I change the SOS mode’s emergency contacts?

Yes, you can change your emergency contact information in the Health app’s “Medical ID” area.

Can the SOS option be used with no a cellular connection?

To call emergency services when in SOS option, a cell phone network is necessary. Still, it might broadcast your precise position to your emergency contacts if you have Wi-Fi access.

Can I unintentionally switch my iPhone into SOS status while it’s in my wallet?

Though improbable, it is feasible. To reduce random setting up, a specific set of button presses must be made before SOS mode will start.

How can I turn on or off the countdown audio when the SOS status is activated?

In the “Settings”, click on “Emergency SOS” and press the “Countdown Sound” turn on or off.

How to turn off sos on Android?

To turn off IOS on Android go to Setting> Safety and Emergency> Advance Setting> Emergency SOS>

Why is my iPhone stuck in an emergency?

If we select any wrong options, it leads to our iPhones getting stuck in emergency SOS alerts. For instance, you can activate SOS mode by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume up and down buttons.

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