Instagram gets video


Instagram is a social networking service which can safely be called as “The Third alternative to Facebook”.
In April 2012, it recorded 100 million active users which make it come face to face with Facebook. Its focus is mainly upon photography and editing using several filters. It is available in the form of a mobile app, downloadable on Android and iOS.

Users can take pictures, upload them on Instagram, edit them using its filters and then publish them. It is free for download from Google Play and iTunes App Store. Facebook’s new feature of hashtags is available on Instagram since January 2011.


The newly introduced Video Feature

Just after two years of advancement, users are capable of making, editing and sharing video clips on it as well. It has allowed you to upload up to 15 second flicks with introduction of 13 brand new video filters. There is also a stabilization feature called “dubbed camera”. It is meant for iPhone only (up till now).

This fresh feature is quite interesting since it not only enables you to make 15 seconds video but also tailor smaller clips together to make them one. Currently, users are able to enjoy with the portrait mode video making while the landscape mode is soon to arrive.

A chuck of Instagram’s History

October 2010, Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom came up with the idea of creating a social network on mobile that would be purely based upon picture art. Users could also connect to other social networks via it and share their memoirs. Soon after two years, it converted into a proper social networking site with creation of web profiles.

It was just a simple photo sharing application service in the beginning, but with the passage of time it expanded its realm. Instagram’s user number increased from hundreds to millions within two years time span.

Now in June 2013, it has enabled its users to share video as well. Video sharing will now help it in attracting more users. With video option enabled, it will become hot favorite place for musicians, bloggers, journalists, singers, actors and actresses. It does have ability to become the next social hub for everyone.

Instagram, a new threat to Facebook & Youtube

Facebook and Youtube have a strong contender now, for two reasons, i.e. Youtube, although being an International video sharing site lacks the proper requirements of being a social network. It does not contain commenting or photo sharing or other options like that.

Facebook indeed has all such luxuries of sharing pictures, commenting, video tagging etc. But has some serious drawbacks also, for instance, its new insecure search option, its unreliable official pages and many more.

It is anticipated that with the arrival of the new instagram’s video sharing option that it can become the next hot favorite social networking site in the upcoming years.

This newly added feature is like a treat for users who want to share video clips of their like to the world. It is grabbing more attention now and if this situation continues, it will become the most populated site all over the world.

To Wrap up

By looking at its progress, one can surely contemplate that it is the next in reign social network, if its video sharing succeeds.



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