Bionic Fashion: Wearable Tech That Will Turn Man Into Machine

Bionic Fashion


The geniuses of our times are all set to turn our outfits into technical equipment. We are on the way to wearing garbs that will sense our emotions, check our glucose level or turn transparent when we are aroused…

Fashion is fickle; we knew it already but with this forthcoming technology, it has been entirely rehabilitated. Future garbs are aimed to change our lifestyles and turn us into a machine on our own. We could check our glucose level, nervousness, excitement, or exposure to sunlight while wearing them, automatically.


Last week, two important conferences on wearable tech took place: Wearable Tech Expo (New York) & Wear Tech Con (San Francisco); where inventors resolute to launch it by the start of 2015. The details about these conferences are thought-provoking, actually. Since these conferences unveiled many interesting facts about wearable tech that are worth sharing here:

Lark Pro Alarm:

It is a “wrist-mounted” alarm that throbs silently (vibrates) to wake you up in the morning. It optimizes your sleep patterns and detects your sleep cycle. This helps people to sleep well and get up only at the right moment.
Lark Pro is Monisha Perkash’s invention.

Nano Tattoo:

Nano Tattoo detects your blood-sugar level without pricking your fingers; it stays at your forearms and for checking the level, you place it under an “Ultraviolet reader” and get your reading. Heather Clarke is its inventor.

Diffus UV Dress

Diffus UV dress is attire that measures your sunlight exposure. It sensors excessive light and signals you to get aside.
Shark-proof wetsuit It is designed to dive in deep waters without any fear of getting eaten or hurt.

Sensoree Mood Sweater

It is actually a mood-sensitive sweater that turns blue if you are passive, cool, and calm; and turns red, if you are not.
Lie-detection technology is used to create this marvel.

Hovding Hood

Syuzi Pakhchyan is a fashion technologist and Hovding Hood’s originator. It aims to protect you from any mishap on the road along with saving your hairstyle. It is not a usual helmet, believe me!

Adidas Sportswear

Like the miChoach training shirt, the future shirt is designed to criticize your performance on the ground and send you feedback via your smartphone. Qiazer Hassonjee, Adidas’s Vice President said,

“In the near future, I see this combination of apparel and smartphones working together seamlessly and making wearable tech ubiquitous and part of our daily lives.”

Intimacy Dress

Your intimacy dress is a night suit that is created to sense whether you are excited or not. It goes transparent itself if you are stirred up.

CuteCircuit K-Dress

CuteCircuit K-dress is fabric apparel with hundreds of LED lights embroidered on it. According to its inventor, it is a “gimmick”, “sophisticated and yet playful”.

So, get ready for a bionic shopping next time.

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