How To Use Technology To Relax

Technology To Relax

With constantly changing political and social climates and everyday life stresses, relaxing in this day and age can be challenging. But just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean it’s not essential. Relaxation is a necessary enjoyment for your health and shouldn’t be put in the box of “luxury.”

So use your modern-day asset — technology — to help you in your quest for calm by following these tips to help you relax.

Remember Rituals

Knowing what helps you to unwind is essential, and making time for yourself every day is also crucial. Relaxation can look different for everyone. If you’re a vaper, this might mean a session with a waka vape gadget in the garden. If you like to exercise, it might be a healthy walk using your Fitbit or a late-night yoga session with a YouTube video. Whatever sparks joy should be a priority.

Maybe this feels like it’s easier said than done. One method to finding time is to do precisely that; sit down at the end of every week and plan. Use a diary or set a reminder on your phone for exactly when you’re making time for yourself. It could be in the first 30 mins when you get home from work or at the start of your day.

Whatever method you choose to make space is okay, as long as you’re making it.

Use Mindfulness Apps

Often unwinding, even when you’ve made time for it, is hard to achieve. Therefore, finding methods to target stress in your daily routine is essential. With so many people’s lives in the palm of their hands (in their phones), mental health apps provide the answer for some people.

With an estimated 10,000 – 20,000 self-help apps, there’s an apparent demand. Some of the most popular options include apps like Headspace or Calm (particularly before bed). So help yourself unwind with your phone.

Sit Back and Stream

Using streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and Now TV (to name just a few) are another great way to use technology. Some people unwind by reading a book, but for others (particularly those who spend extensive time reading while at work), opening a book to relax is daunting.

So use the tech and unwind by watching your favorite TV series episode. Studies show that re-watching a series is good for you because you don’t have to pay attention to new characters or information. Instead, it can re-energize you!

Get Organized

Part of finding peace is about organizing yourself. If your subconscious is busy thinking about everything you must do, finding relaxation and peace will be hard.

Instead, use downloadable organizational tools to help you! While there are some tremendous downloadable tools, they can be expensive. However, options these won’t cost you a thing:

  • Notion – deeper, detailed noted
  • Google Keep – temporary items/to-do lists
  • Raindrop – organizing bookmarks
  • Google Assistant or Siri – time-based reminders
  • Tweek Calender – for daily reflection

Getting Technology To Relax!

Whatever helps decrease your stress levels and increase your joy is worth your time! So make time for yourself and utilize the technology around you to promote a happier daily life.

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