Google Maps and Waze Disable Live Traffic Feed in Gaza, Israel At Request of Israeli Military

Google Maps and Waze Disable

Google announced Monday that it temporarily blocks real traffic conditions on Google Maps and Waze in Israel in preparation for a ground incursion into Gaza.

Google Maps stated it temporarily suspended live traffic conditions and busyness information for local community safety, as it has done in violent circumstances and reaction to the shifting situation in the region. According to a spokeswoman, Google approached regional and municipal authorities to analyze.

In Addition, Google did not specify if Israel, Gaza, or both would turn off the tools. It did not specify if the IDF requested the operation.

What happens when the live feed is disabled?

A person with knowledge of the subject who requested anonymity said Google is suppressing real-time crowding statistics in Israel and Gaza at the Israel Defense Forces’ request. Live traffic data could show Israeli army movements. After Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the business disabled real-time vehicle and foot traffic data.

Google claimed Maps and Waze will continue to estimate arrival times based on live conditions even without real-time traffic. GeekTime, an Israeli tech site, said Apple Inc.’s Maps app also met the Israeli army’s request. Requests for a response from Apple were answered after some time. An IDF statement was not immediately available.

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Hamas killed over 1,400 people in southern Israel and took over 200 hostages, prompting Israel to call up over 300,000 reservists. The military’s threat of a ground invasion of Gaza has drawn international condemnation over civilian casualties. U.S. President Joe Biden asked Netanyahu about “alternatives” to a ground conflict last week.


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