Ranking 5 Best Free Recovery Software For Windows

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Deleting important files accidentally can be a nightmare, so we are bringing a list of best recovery software programs that are light, effective and versatile to recover computer data. If any of these fails to recover due to unforeseen circumstances, the other will surely do the trick. Of course, there are numerous free recovery programs available online, but they all have their own limitations and may have bugs. So, let’s find out the best recovery tools for Windows:

Recovery Software For Windows


One of the easiest-to-use and feature-rich recovery software, with best in class features like quick and deep scan, log maintenance, graphical representation and an uncluttered user interface. Users can recover up to 2 GB of data even in free version. EaseUS delivers flawless results each and every time and is available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

What further makes it the leading data recovery tool is the fact that it can recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from PCs, laptops and removable devices including memory cards, USBs, digital cameras, mobile devices and other storage media. Another plus point is the data recovery from ransomware/malware attacks like new Petya and WannaCry Ransomware, system crash, volume loss, improper operation or other reasons.Pro version is priced at a competitive $69.95 with life time support and life time upgrades.

Our Verdict: The best, most comprehensive recovery tool with class leading user friendly interface.


It is one of the most feature-rich recovery tools that surprisingly only takes up 1 MB of space on disk. Its greatest features are its portability, deep scanning and ability to construct RAID. It can also maintain logs and search files by name. However, it offers so many options that the interface gets cluttered, making the whole process confusing and incoherent for naive user.

Our Verdict: Use it if you are a nerd, newbies need to stay clear of DMDE.

SoftPerfect Recovery

One of the lightest, takes up only 0.5 MB of space on disk, yet it delivers a solid performance. However, its limited size means that it can’t offer preview option, tends to fail if files are corrupted or overwritten and can’t save files on the same disk.

Our Verdict: Due to its shortcomings, it is best suited for immediate use after deleting files. Once overwritten, it won’t yield effective results.

Disk Drill

It is one of the most graphically pleasing data recovery tools that takes away only 15 MB of storage, yet scans thoroughly and presents scanned data by type including images, videos, documents and so on. However, all the good looks come at a price. You can recover only 500 MB with the free version, and have to dish out $89 as a home user to make use of PRO features, saving recovered session, deep scanning etc, which by the way are offered by some of the other entrants on this list.

Our Verdict: It’s a good option for limited use if you fancy pretty visuals, but to recover large amount of data and enjoy more advanced options, you need to scroll down.


You can’t go wrong with Recuva! Whether you need to recover files from formatted drives or even the damaged files. With its military standard overwrite and deletion feature, advanced deep scan and ability to recover from all storage types including CDs, DVDs, memory cards and drives, it is the absolute best you can get. Though it is only 5.3 MB in size, it remains a solid deliverer. Available for free, but we recommend getting the Pro version for uninterrupted no holds bar data recovery for $19.95.

Our Verdict: Don’t think twice and go for it.

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