3 Things To Do If You Lose Your Computer Data

Computer Data

Computer Data Recovery

Your computer data has your life stored in it. From important work documents, to passwords to certain websites, to information about your credit cards and bank accounts. You need your computer to be reliable and keep all your data, but unfortunately, computers are imperfect.

Because computers are designed by flawed humans, losing computer data can be very easy. Hard drives are generally seen as somewhat unreliable, and the internal hard drive found in your computer may fail, and they could fail at any time. This sudden loss of data could surprise you, especially if you thought your computer was doing well. It happens to us all.

What can you possibly do if you did lose your computer data and important documents out of nowhere? Here are some ways you can recover your lost data.

Re-Download Everything From a Backup

Hopefully, you’ve been backing up your computer. If you haven’t yet — do it now. There’s no excuse not to. There’s also several ways to backup a computer, and you should do it multiple times, and regularly. You can backup your computer onto an external hard drive for one. Though, these aren’t always the most reliable sources of retrieving back ups. They can die, too.

External Hard Drive

Another way is to put important files onto an external hard disk. Another choice would be using some kind of cloud service. Apple already provides one to all their Mac customers, and they allow you to upgrade your space to hold more data.

If you do this, you’ll be able to retrieve your most important documents once again if your internal hard drive bites the dust.

Use a Data Recovery Program

There are free softwares available to download online. They also allow you to upgrade to higher forms of service with some payment, but for a personal computer, the free data recovery software should do the trick.

A good recovery software should be able to retrieve deleted, formatted, inaccessible data from different data loss situations. It should also be able gather these files from other items than just your computer, such as a USB. Make sure to do your research on these data recovery softwares before downloading or purchasing anything.

Talk to a Professional

If you’re worried about handling the situation yourself, you should be able to find a professional to work with. Apple provides them at their Genius Bars in stores, and there are plenty of people who are familiar with Windows computers as well. Sometimes it’s better to just speak with a professional than to try to be a computer guru yourself if you’re unfamiliar with how exactly your computer works.

Even if you are pretty tech savvy and know a thing or two about computers, talking to a professional could never hurt. Two heads are often times better than one, and talking to a professional who is paid to help you with your computer problems may save you a headache or two from trying to recover your data on your own.

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