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If you want to stop nuisance phone calls you are not alone. These calls come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, few pose a real threat although there are times when callers are seeking to unsettle people for the sheer fun of it. The vast majority of unwanted calls come from sales and marketing companies that are looking to sell their products and services. It is a communal problem but it also has a communal solution because if everyone works together the number of calls should diminish drastically.



There is technology today that can work for both the callers and the community receiving the calls. The facility of automatic redialling means that call centres can make repeated calls even if there are insufficient people manning the phone at the time. It can mean silence, or a recorded message, when a householder picks up the phone. However, there is also technology that can protect telephone subscribers, by using a good system that will block unwanted calls.

If for example you look at a website like you will get an idea of an alternative that uses the community principle to good effect.

Register the first time

Obviously in an ideal system you want to know that your friends and family are able to get through immediately and that will probably involve them registering their numbers the first time they ring you after you have the system installed. Once registered, in a matter of seconds, they will not be asked to repeat the process ever again.

Any potential nuisance calls will be stopped in the same way. If the callers pretend to be friends, they may get through once, but then you need simply report the number and it will be immediately blocked. It will also be blocked from every other subscriber that is part of the system, the ‘community’. You can see how quickly unwanted numbers will be blocked across the board to everyone’s benefit.  Systems such as the ideal one described have been on the market for a while and have been blocking numbers since introduction. That means that many are already blocked when you join the community.

The proper service

It is all a matter of returning your telephone to what it should be; a service for keeping in touch and for your security in the event that you may need help.  Sales and marketing companies may not go away but increasingly the telephone may not be the best method of their being able to contact the consumer. The Internet is the way that reputable companies try to reach consumers but it is a far less direct approach than actually cold calling from lists of telephone numbers. The Community working together may, in the future, ensure that the cold call is no longer a telephone call.

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