Sony VAIO S – Review

The 15.5-inch description of multimedia notebook by Sony characterizes on the top line IPS display of 1080p as well as it is very thin less than an inch.


The line of notebook PCs launched by Sony VAIO has traditionally been simple to recognize by two characters; a pointed, angular-edged framework with keyboard Chiclet-style as well as an elevated price tag. The VAIO S i.e., 15-inch is known to be more reasonable notebooks in lineup of Sony but it holds the design characters and act that people imagine from a Sony creation.


Build and Design

The all-black VAIO S’s exterior is somewhat simple; it does not have unique characters rather than the truth that it is not. Actually the exterior is consisted of magnesium alloy, neither plastic which can sense cool when it is touched. The employ of this stuff helps maintain the notebook light; practically the VAIO S is a feather-weight for a notebook of 15.5″ at about 4.4 lbs. also It is very thin at only 0.95 inches.

The framework is not found to be as powerful as one may imagine offered the magnesium alloy creation; it contracts a bit such as we are utilized to observing from notebooks of consumer. The cover is too delicate for relieve but no wave come into view on the screen when pushing in at the back of the PC.

Input and Output Ports

The Sony VAIO S consist a sufficient but not extraordinary ports variety. HDMI and USB 3.0 are added. Resembling to the variety of the modern notebooks, the innovative VAIO S not have ExpressCard, DisplayPort and eSATA, however the 15-inch size offers sufficient room for a slot which is loading the optical drive. The every descriptions of the picture are from left to right.

TouchPad and Keyboard

The Sony VAIO S holds a complete-size keyboard in combination with the different numeric keypad as well as white LED-backlighting. The not-so-delicate backlighting is a pleasant contact and is observable in the daylight. The present keys require very small effort for pressing down which outcomes in a shortage of concrete feedback. It is not find to be more complicated in any sense. The large-size keypad which is numeric is valued; a lot of notebooks which hold a numeric keypad utilize lesser than common keys. An additional plus of such keyboard encompasses its more smooth key surfaces and quiet operation.


The clickpad which is Synaptics does not have physical buttons; that means to press down wherever to produce a click. Unluckily we can not say that it is the best achievements of a click pad. The inaccurate clicks are present; dragging and clicking just does not perform.

Screen and Speakers

The screen of this astonishing invention is very big and this is the only reason people prefer to select this item; the Sony VAIO S is found to be only notebooks which is available on the market with display of IPS. The panel is consisted of great quality as well as the contrast is brilliant and saturation is also correct.

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