Bitcoin ‘Untouchable’ Amid Regulatory Pressures, Says Analyst

Bitcoin Untouchable

Bitcoin ‘untouchable’ amid regulatory pressures, says analyst

Mike McGlone says 

Bitcoin (BTC) is “untouchable” even with  current  regulatory pressure on the crypto sector and those without some crypto exposure are “seriously silly” 

In an online stream on April 3  with crypto podcaster Scott Melker. McGlone confidently asserts that contrary to other cryptocurrencies for example (ETH), regulators can’t kill Bitcoin as it’s so decentralized.

There’s a lot of cynicism about regulators pushing back in the whole space, and that’s essentially why Bitcoin still exists

The crypto sector faced a wave of controversy in the United States not long ago with the SECP Turning prosecution at odds with the crypto exchange Kraken for its waging nature, then charging stablecoin originator Paxos on Binance USD. The regulator also came up with a legislative change baiting crypto corporations from acting as custodians.

McGlone added up that he is optimistic about BTC however outlook the price to fall further in step with other assets if a collapse happens.

Three months ago he notified that BTC might not see a forecast rally just yet, given the presence of a powerful macroeconomic situation and insistence from interest rate hikes.

He also said that the verdict by OPEC on April 2 to lessen the volume of oil that is got daily may have a slump. As the growth in interest rates from the Federal Reserve has done to curb inflation.

The view of McGlone 

In McGlone’s opinion, “someone is a fool” to risk not doing something for crypto or trying to stand in its way.

Additionally, he tells

The main thing I look at simplistically for Bitcoin is that if you’re a money manager, why not put a line on having some of this exchange asset, especially since it’s so arguable that you want to at least have some of it in because you don t want to look like a fool on history


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