How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Present and the Future

Virtual Reality

Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has the potential to change the course of major industries around the world. It is not only supportive in medicine, but can also be applied to train military personnel, expanding virtual prototypes of new cars, develop virtual architectural models and allow businesses in the field of HR and conduct trainings and meetings. For video game lovers, it provides an environment where they feel they are actually in the game. Additionally, engineers are using it for configuring Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) cost effectively.

If we go deep just into medical field, virtual reality is enhancing conventional therapy process and discover efficient solutions for curing social confusions, anxiety and PTSD. The medical experts are also using VR to educate medical students in surgery, heal patients’ agonies and even support paraplegics recover body functions.

Talking about businesses, virtual reality is making things easier and efficient. For instance, automakers are using it to build safer vehicles, architects are building sturdy constructions and travel companies are employing it for simplifying vacation ideas.
Seeing all these applications of VR, it’s no wonder why tech giants are working to create virtual reality products. Below are some amazing applications of VR.

Treat Patients of Paraplegics

In the medical sector, virtual reality technology has made huge strides in treating patients of paraplegics. A study reveals that doctors carried an experiment on patients by providing them VR headsets and asking them to play soccer in a stadium. The patients unbelievably responded positively to this and gained some brain functions connected to moving their legs. All the eight patients regained some control, while 4 of them improved from full to the partial paraplegics.

Treat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most widely spread diseases of today’s time, which asks for ‘exposure therapy’ to treat patients. The therapy demands patients to count again their sufferings, envisage them and describe to the doctor. Virtual Reality here too comes for the help of such patients, rendering them virtual worlds, where they actually see life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault, and describe the happenings to the doctor.

Train Medical Students

It’s true that medical students do not often get many chances to perform surgeries. But not anymore! Now they have many options of practicing.

Virtual reality provides them secure and managed situations to carryout surgeries and procedures, permitting them to make errors without harming anyone in reality. This helps them better get ready for unforeseen situations.

Treat Pain and Anxiety

Patients are usually given morphine for pain management during treatments. Virtual reality is helping to perform the same function using ‘distraction therapy’ to manage pain while treatments. Similarly, the VR game ‘Deep’ is being used to aid people having ‘fear and anxiety disorder’ to become normal in just about 5 minutes through deep belly breathing exercises.

Help Businesses

The benefits of VR for business are huge; it facilitates in shrinking costs, decrease business travel, perform interviews, provide tours, predict trends, manage conferences using virtual conference rooms and so much more. All these processes could save big companies billions of dollars. For instance, international travel costs alone can be as high as $31.6 billion for some companies, according to Certify. Additionally, commuting costs can also be very pricey. Virtual reality helps conduct face-to-face meetings from the comfort of workplace.

VR in Automotive

Virtual reality has also impacted the automotive industry positively allowing manufacturers to examine the safety standards of vehicles before the actual development starts.

It is also being employed by Ford, Volvo, Hyundai etc, to provide customers VR test drives and help them see their preferred cars in any color they like. They can also hear the actual sound of the vehicle.

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