10 Effective Ways To Fix The “Wi-FiWorks On Phone But Not Computer” Problem

wifi works on phone but not compute

Whenever you have an available wireless network connection, all Wi-Fi devices must operate immediately. Wifi works on phone but not computer, accessing the internet on a mobile device or a PC includes many moving pieces that must all work at the same time.

The parameters you may establish when accessing the internet on a laptop are numerous, in contrast to other devices. It entails altering options such as IPs, wireless setup attributes, and numerous others.

The wifi works on a phone but not a computer because of improper network configuration on your pc. In addition, you may set up the router so that it only connects specific devices—like a phone—to the net. It may be why a pc cannot use the internet; just a mobile can.

How Does The Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Happen?

There are numerous reasons why wifi works on a phone but not a computer even if the mobile is active. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The reboot of your gadget
  • Perhaps the computer’s Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • Check that the encryption algorithms supplied are accurate.
  • Check that the computer’s Wi-Fi connection is turned on.
  • Reinstall windows
  • Reload the driver
  • Reconfigure the connected router
  • The computer’s defenses are turned off.
  • Check whether the internet operates appropriately on specific devices such as smartphones.

What Are The Challenges For Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues?

These are a few of the common issues that lead to troubles when functioning on your computers.

  • IP restriction on the broadband
  • Problems with computer Wi-Fi configuration
  • Technical problems
  • Problems with the firewall
  • IP Restriction On The Broadband

Internet access is impossible on a computer due to IP blocking when the IP of the equipment or broadband is banned. The router must unblock before internet service is possible to fix this issue.

  • Problems With Computer Wi-Fi Configuration

If the Wi-Fi driver is not downloaded on the laptop, verify your setups, restart your Wi-Fi driver, and the link won’t operate. It operates after installation.

  • Technical Problems

The Wi-Fi sensor is defective in equipment, which explains why it takes up or captures impulses from the network connection but does not function.

  • Problems With The Firewall

The Firewall facilitates a Wi-Fi connection; nevertheless, if the Firewall’s configurations are disturbed, the computer’s internet service doesn’t always function. Delete all firewall setups.

How To Detect The Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue?

Determine whether the error is with the computer or the connection before attempting to resolve it. Start by utilizing the cable and local area internet connections. If the issue is limited to Wi-Fi access, reset your hardware and device.

Turn off both the device and broadband for a period, then allow until they retreat right on. The process of repairing a Wi-Fi network continues after these simple steps. All of the following are potential problems we could encounter with an internet service.

There can be issues with your computer and internet access, which would explain why we don’t have an internet service. The primary issue is when your computer cannot access the internet but does so with other gadgets without trouble.

How To Resolve The Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue?

There is no need to worry if your pc is having connectivity problems. Here are a few alternatives to fix this issue.

  • Refresh Your Broadband

Resolve this issue by restarting your computer, router, and network, as these necessitate finding the issue quickly. This issue with your computer’s Wi-Finot response is typical and might occur if you have more than two network adapters to one connection.

  • Boot Up Your Computer

In order to accomplish this, you need to click the Wi-Fitab, select debug, read the directions, and either figure out precisely what the issue is or resolve it.

  • Utilize the Windows Troubleshooter 

Problems are typically disregarded when they occur. To prevent additional issues, locate the possible issue that may appear eventually and fix it.

Numerous issues could arise. The IP can malfunction occasionally. There may be a Wi-Fitransceiver, and gateway Id issues might also occur.

  • Update DNS and IP Addresses

You can reset your computer and continue if the IP clashes are related to another gadget. But remember that the DNS Cache, intended to obtain information, can harm the connectivity.

  • Modify and Reveal The SSID

Modify and deselect the SSID. We are located in an unfamiliar location for a variety of causes. We cannot access the internet for the exact causes of other strange identities. So be careful to utilize any values, and then give it another go.

  • Utilize 5GHz With a Dual-Band Router

Signal strength and the ease with which it is possible to smash down boundaries are also positive aspects. Furthermore, it works with old wireless connections.

  • Modem Specifications Need To Be Changed

You may find out how Wi-Fi operates by using a variety of operating frequencies, a few of which lower power usage while some will turn off Wi-Fientirely.

If you want to keep your current selection for an internet connection, you must establish considerable strength. Check to see if the wireless connector has an impact on the options.

  • Download Networking Adapters Again

An automated upgrade mechanism that maintains users’ current is typically installed on Windows 11 and 10. However, you must ensure that they are updated to Windows 10 if you install Windows 7 alongside Windows.

This machine should automatically install the connection interface software, and if, for any purpose, it doesn’t function, you can try again directly.

  • Partially Deactivate Malware

In the present environment of cyber threat-induced dread, anti-virus protection is imperative. There is no denying that multiple safety procedures have improved over time, but occasionally one can be too enthusiastic for their benefit.

  • Consider Recovery Methods

Last but not least, a windows update is usually a good idea if, even after completing all of the following, Wi-Fi needs to be fixed on the laptop. Windows also provides a far quicker recovery chance in addition to system restoration.

Bottom Line

It has been evaluated that if the internet is not working on the laptop but is connected to the phone, it could be an issue with your computer’s network adapters or obstructions in the router and broadband. Therefore, you must modify the configuration on the computer, network, and device.

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