What Is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO

White label SEO is the practice of buying SEO services from a third-party agency, freelancer, or consultant and selling them as your own, under your own brand label. It’s done all the time in other industries – for example, banks will use white label credit card processing in order to offer their clients credit card services that they, the banks, are not equipped to provide using their in-house expertise. Brands that sell manufactured goods also often have third parties manufacture their products, especially their lower-end products, to sell under their own brand label.

If you want to offer SEO services to your clients, you should use a white label SEO service. As the agency using the white label SEO agency, you would be the SEO reseller, because you’re reselling the finished deliverables to your client. A white label SEO agency can allow you to offer your clients whatever SEO services they need, under your own brand. It can save you a lot of money, give you better control over your profit margins, and free up time you can spend focusing on what your in-house staff does best.

Gives Your Company Access to a Wide Range of SEO Services

The main advantage of using white label SEO services for SEO resellers is that it enables you to provide your clients with a full-service range of SEO services. White label SEO agencies can perform keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, content creation, and building campaign strategies. They can put together pitches to help you convince more of your customers to invest in SEO services for their websites. They can also produce SEO reports to show your clients how successful their SEO campaigns have been.

With the help of a white label SEO agency, you can greatly expand the range of services that you offer your clients, and you don’t need to worry about finding the time, expertise, or resources to handle those new contracts in-house. You can sell more services to more people and make more money. By outsourcing SEO services to a white-label agency, your own staff can save time that they can use to take on more clients, build stronger client relationships, and focus on doing the tasks that they do best.

You Can Sell White Label SEO Services as Your Own

Because you can rebrand white label SEOs as your own work, you don’t need to worry about undermining consumer confidence in your brand by outsourcing some or all of your SEO work. As far as customers will know, the SEO work you sell them was done by you in-house. Most white-label SEO companies sign non-disclosure agreements with their SEO resellers to protect everyone’s privacy.

White Label SEO Can Save You Money

Many small- and even medium-sized businesses can’t afford the professional expertise they need to offer a full range of SEO services. SEO is a complex and rapidly changing beast, with new best practice guidelines emerging at least every couple of years. Furthermore, while some of the factors that contribute to SEO and search engine rankings are known, search engines tend to maintain a high level of secrecy around what exact factors influence their rankings. You need someone with a high level of expertise in SEO if you want to provide quality services, and that can get expensive quickly if you’re turning over the idea of hiring SEO staff.

For one thing, you’ll probably need more than one staff member. SEO relies on keyword strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, and so on – often, one person can’t manage all of these aspects of SEO. If you have some in-house SEO staff, you might just outsource the stuff that your in-house staff can’t do or doesn’t have time for, like content creation, for example. But if you don’t have room in the budget for SEO staff, you can get all the SEO services your clients need from a white label SEO agency for significantly less than you’d need to pay a professional to do it in-house.


White label SEO offers marketing companies like yours a way to offer more SEO services to clients, without the need to hire expensive new staff or even spend more time fulfilling SEO orders. You can send your clients’ SEO orders to a white-label SEO agency, and they will prepare the finished deliverables for you to resell under your own brand label. Your customers will get the benefits of working with a highly trained and committed team of SEO professionals, and you’ll save time and money while growing your business.

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