How To Play The UNO Card Game? What Are The Rules Of This Game?

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Several games have been invented for fun. Also, people play different games to relax their minds or improve their physical fitness. Outdoor sports, for instance, mostly make you sweaty and healthy. Some indoor sports, like the UNO card game, are quite fun and good exercise. These indoor games might not involve your body, but they definitely involve your mind. That is why you should pay attention to this kind of activity as well. Moreover, these games have a number of versatile features and rules, For example, the UNO card game can be reversed with the help of a UNO reverse card, and likewise, many more rules and regulations are there.

Indoor sports also include marbles, dice games, dominoes, some card games, etc. I wanted to play the UNO card game a week ago and asked my friends to bring it if they had it. But none of my friends had gotten the UNO deck. I wonder why people have left this kind of game. So, I went to the market and bought it. Then, I asked my friend to play with me, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Today, I will discuss one of the most famous indoor card game, UNO. It has a simple technique. Moreover, UNO has rules that make this game more interesting. For example, the Uno reverse card rule is the most famous attacking rule that changes the game. Here, I am going to share with you the rules for playing the UNO card game.

What is the UNO Reverse Card?

The word “reverse” tells you the whole meaning of this card. Likewise, the UNO reverse card alters the direction of the game. For instance, the order of the turns changes due to the UNO reverse card. This is the actual meaning and working of the UNO reverse card.

How to Recognize the UNO Reverse Card?

That is not a tricky thing. There will always be two arrows located on the card. Also, both hands will be parallel but in different directions. All the Uno reverse cards look diverse as per the version of the game. Besides, there would be other cartoons or colors on the card. But a fixed sign of recognition is two arrows in different directions.

How to Play Reverse Uno?

While playing UNO, you get a reverse card. Now, that means your game is going to change. For example, if you were taking turns clockwise, now it will go anti-clockwise. Another thing to consider while playing reverse Uno is that a reverse card is played only on another reverse card or the matching color card. Furthermore, if this card appears at the beginning of the play, the right-side players will have the first turn, which goes to the right instead of the left.

How many Reverse Cards are in a Deck?

There are a total of 112 cards in a deck. But how are these cards divided? Let me explain to you.

Numbered cards

  • There are 76 numbered cards in a deck.
  • In a deck, every color contains only one 0 card and two cards from 1 to 9.
  • A total of 19 red cards are available from 0 to 9.
  • Next, 19 yellow colored cards from 0 to 9 are also available.
  • Similarly, 19 green cards, from 0 to 9.
  • And 19 blue cards from 0 to 9 are also placed in a deck.

Special Cards

  • There are 24 special cards available in a UNO deck.
  • There are eight skip cards with four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Eight reverse cards are available in four colors, i.e., two green Uno reverse cards, two red Uno reverse cards, and two blue and two reverse yellow cards.
  • Eight draws two cards of four colors. These colors are red, yellow, green, and blue.

Black Cards

Now, these black cards are divided into two terms:

  • Four wild cards
  • Four wild draws four cards.

Blank Cards

These are four extra zero cards that are present in a deck.

What is the Uno Reverse Card Meme?

Whenever a reverse card appears in the game, it alters the game. So people create memes about it. Before moving forward, I will give you a little knowledge about memes. Memes are entertaining stuff that makes people smile. So, I am going to share some memes.

  • Water runs through the tap, and somebody places a UNO reverse card under it. Instead of going into the sink, water starts moving upwards. It covers the sinks into the water fountain.
  • It is a famous and my favorite meme. Two ladies are yelling and pointing at the cat. In comparison, the cat is sitting peacefully with a poker face. Then, below it, a UNO reverse card was drawn, and the scenario became the opposite. Now, two cats are yelling at a woman, and she is sitting without an expressive face.
  • Another Uno reverse meme is about Thomas. He is saying, “I am inevitable.” At the same time, an iron man appears, showing the reverse card, and Thomas starts disappearing.

Ending words

UNO is an interesting indoor game. It does not require complicated techniques to play. Similarly, some different cards in UNO make the game more entertaining. So keep building your bond with people via playing Uno together.

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