Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Breakthrough Production In 2023

Tesla 4680 Battery

The most recent and advanced battery for powering a Tesla electric vehicle is the Tesla 4680 battery. It’s a pretty advancement in the realm of EVBs. So, you may be thinking what makes this battery so distinctive, and how does it weigh up to other Tesla battery types? Let’s discuss the innovation of Tesla’s batteries. And explore everything about the Tesla 4680 battery.

Did you know Tesla, the electric car company, has reached a big goal?

They made 20 million of their Tesla 4680 batteries in their Texas factory. Just in June, they celebrated making 10 million of these batteries in the same place. What’s amazing is that in just 16 weeks, they doubled the number of batteries they made. And now they are producing 625,000 of them every week.

Tesla has reached its sales record goal for 2020. They announced it in 2020.

In 2020, during Battery Day, the Company introduced the Tesla 4680 battery as a solution to boost a vehicle’s performance, range, and lifespan. The company claimed that this new design could cut its costs by over 50%.

Battery Type4680 Battery
Cell Weight355 grams
Cell Size46mm x 80mm
Cathode TypeNCM
Anode TypeGraphite
Nickel Content81.6%
Energy DensityEstimated to range from 272-296 Wh/kg
Total CapacityEstimated at 9,000 milliampere-hours (mAh)
Total EnergyEstimated to range from 96-99 watt-hours (Wh)
Tabbed or TabletsTablets

Which Tesla Models Uses The 4680 Battery?

While the 4680 battery comes with impressive specifications. This type of battery is primarily found in a specific Tesla Model Y, which is built in Tesla’s new plant in Texas. A 4680-type battery was introduced to the market in 2022, making it the largest battery ever used by the electric vehicle giant. We still require more time to fully get its capabilities. However, given its substantial dimensions, it is five times bigger than the 2170 battery and even bigger than the 18650. It is likely that the 4680 will be used in more than just the Tesla 4680 battery Model Y in the future hopefully in Tesla Model 3 too.

Beyond the United States, the Tesla 4680 battery is used in Model Ys made at Tesla’s factory in Germany. They began using the 4680 batteries in June 2022, producing about 1,000 Model Ys with them every week. They plan to increase this to 2,000-3,000 per week by the end of the year.

The 4680 battery is the first Tesla vehicle battery that Tesla manufactures itself. It’s worth noting that Panasonic has also started producing the 4680 and might supply these batteries to Tesla in the future. As of now, though, Tesla produces the 4680 at its Gigafactory in Texas.”


  • The 4680 battery is a dry cell, capable of performing in various weather conditions, not limited to warm weather.
  • The battery of the Tesla 4680 offers a bigger cell at a significantly reduced cost. Which is a win-win in terms of production.
  • It has increased capacity, larger dimensions, and higher weight.
  • Charge times are quicker with the new 4680 battery in some reports. The new Model Ys with this battery can go from completely empty to almost fully charged in less than an hour.


  • This is only an option for the new Model Y vehicles being made at the Texas Gigafactory.
  • There are many uncertainties about the 4680 battery, ranging from when it will be produced on a large scale to when other companies might also make this battery.

Which Tesla Battery Is Fast Charged? Tesla 4680 Or Tesla 2170

The 4680 battery has special tabs for its positive and negative parts, which make it easier for electricity to flow inside. This makes the 4680 battery have less resistance inside, only about one-fifth of what the 2170 battery has. Because of this, the 4680 battery can charge more rapidly than the 2170 battery
New updates on the Tesla 4680 battery.

This year on January 2023 Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla shared his projection. It was about the batteries to produce 100 GWh of Tesla 4680 by the close of this year. He said it would power approximately one million electric vehicles (EVs).

In April 2023, Tesla announced a huge development. The initiation of shipments for 4680 batteries to its providers. This marked a significant breakthrough of 4680 batteries. Because it signified Tesla’s readiness to start integrating these batteries.

What Are EVBs?

Electric cars need special batteries to work, we call them EVBs. These batteries are not like the ones that we have in our kitchen. They can recharge many times and still work well for long trips. Tesla’s 4680 battery is an instance of this kind of battery.

Types Of Tesla Batteries

Tesla has four types of batteries.

  • Tesla 18650
  • Tesla2170
  • Prismatic
  • Tesla 4680 battery

While they have different names, they’re all lithium-ion batteries. What sets them apart are the specific chemicals used inside these batteries.

These batteries have three main types of stuff inside NCA, NCM, and LFP.

NCA and NCM give Tesla cars a lot of power and let them drive far. But LFP is cheaper and very steady. Although it doesn’t provide as much power as the others.

What Do They Use?

  • Tesla 18650 battery uses NCA.
  • The 2170 can be NCA or NCM, and the 4680 is NCM.
  • The prismatic battery is the only one with LFP.


Is the 4680 battery solely available to Tesla?

At the moment, the 4680 battery is exclusive to Tesla. This renowned electric vehicle manufacturer produces these batteries in its own facilities. Nonetheless, there are intentions for Panasonic to become involved in the production process in the near future.

What is the full charging time of Tesla 468? 0 battery?

The 4680 battery can charge to nearly full, around 97%, in just over 50 minutes, as reported by some Tesla drivers with Model Ys that have this battery.

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