Is Tesla Full Self Driving Worth It? If Not, Then Why?

is tesla full self driving worth it

Tesla’s newest upgrade to the Autopilot function for its electric cars is called Full Self-Driving, brief, and it takes computer-driven driver support to a new level. In late 2015, Tesla released Autopilot 1.0, the first version of its fully autonomous driving system. According to Elon Musk, over 100,000 drivers are testing the system’s newest version out on the road, version 3.0 of Full Self-Driving. But is Tesla full self driving worth it? We will discuss this in detail here.

Like previous iterations of Autopilot, Full Self-Driving is a computer-driven driver support tool, not an automation system. Shortly, it may be possible to kick back and enjoy a movie, the landscape, some snacks, or even a nap while riding in a fully autonomous car, but for the time being, that’s just a fantasy. However, Tesla self driving road trip helps lighten the driving load, especially on extended highway excursions.

Tesla Full Self-Driving

If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in Tesla full self driving software, the answer mainly relies on the following:

  • Regardless of your financial situation.
  • Your confidence in the technology.
  • Speculations
  • You have specific hopes and dreams.

Reasons Why Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) Feature Is Not Worth

There are several reasons why Tesla’s full self driving (FSD) feature is not worth the price. Several Tesla drivers have voiced their opinion that Tesla FSD beta is not worthwhile.

It Is Partially Functional

Some users have complained that there are bugs in the Full Self-Drive (FSD).

Their primary gripe was with the functionality of Summon and Autopark.

Since they bought the FSD beta package, they have been unable to make Autopark function.

It’s too bad because of how much money it costs and how much its skills have been exaggerated.

Some Tesla drivers have complained that their cars trail behind slower traffic and have reported they’ve had to override the FSD as a result manually. There have been reports of speed drops up to 15 mph just before a lane change, seen even on wide roads.

The Tesla Self-Driving Price Is High

Presently, the FSD package’s features are not worth the asking price.

The majority of owners think that the technology is cutting-edge. However, investing over $15,000 in the technology is met with opposition from others. Those who preordered FSD but have an older Tesla model (such as the 2018 Model 3) may not get the full benefits of FSD for some time.

If You Lack The Confidence To Try, Don’t Bother

Some drivers have admitted to buying the FSD package, but regrettably, they have never dared to utilize 90% of its functions. Most people acquire FSD to feel more comfortable driving on the highway. Therefore if you lack the confidence to utilize it in such a setting, it is a waste of money.

Some customers of the FSD report feeling anxious while making their first highway lane change, maintaining their position inside the lane, or taking an exit.

This is because people have a hard time believing it is capable of all these things, so they choose not to utilize it.

It Has Trouble Navigating The Roads In Various Countries

Tesla drivers who are used to following strict traffic laws may need help deploying FSD in their vehicles. For instance, the automobile may still carry you through tollways, even if they are only available during specific periods of the day, depending on where you reside.

Although I would put only some of the burden on Tesla, considering even Google Maps is often clueless in certain situations.

FSD might not be worth it in these situations because you have to be on guard all the time.

When Compared To The Fsd, The Basic Autopilot Is Preferable

Most Tesla customers who bought FSD before 2022 said they preferred Autopilot.

Compared to the standard Autopilot, it seems that FSD is only worthwhile for partially automated driving.

You Don’t Need A Tesla Account To Use It

Lastly, many Tesla drivers didn’t see the value in FSD since it wasn’t associated with their accounts.

To what extent does this imply…?

If you paid $15,000 for the FSD for your current Tesla, you’d need to pay the same amount again if you ever buy another Tesla. That’s presuming the cost has stayed the same in the meantime.

Furthermore, if you already own two Teslas, you’ll need to choose one to upgrade with the FSD.

Is Tesla Full Self Driving Worth It to Buy?

It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) option is worth it for you. Here are a few things to consider:

Consider purchasing the FSD if you are on a strict budget and have a lot of other financial obligations.

This will only make sense if you’re interested in the Beta features. Autopilot offers several good features so it might be handy.

FSD is currently in beta testing, which means that it is not yet fully developed and may still have some bugs or limitations. Tesla has stated that FSD should only be used with a fully attentive driver who is prepared to take control at any time, so it is not intended for fully autonomous driving at this time.

Before subscribing to FSD monthly, you should become proficient with Autopilot.

What is your annual mileage in your Tesla? FSD is only now worthwhile if it costs less to implement.


How much is a self driving Tesla?

Tesla self-driving car price in the USA is $15,000.

How to tell if Tesla has full self-driving?

Vehicles with Basic Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving computer versions 3.0 or above are qualified for FSD subscriptions. Using the touchscreen, go to “Controls” > “Technology” > “Additional Vehicle Information” to review the Autopilot settings.

Are there any self-driving cars like Tesla?

The flagship luxury car from Mercedes has long been Tesla’s main competitor when it comes to autonomous driving capabilities. If you prefer to take it easy behind the wheel, the Mercedes S-Class boasts several options that might help. Distronic, its advanced driver-assistance system is remarkable.


It’s no secret that Tesla is constantly ahead of the curve regarding cutting-edge technology and innovations. They have altered global transportation paradigms by popularising electric automobiles. In spite of this, they have also faced a number of challenges. It’s essential to consider the total cost of ownership, from the original investment to the cost of regular maintenance, when deciding whether Tesla full self driving is worth it.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase FSD should be based on your own personal preferences and driving habits. If you are interested in advanced driver assistance features and are willing to pay the cost, FSD may be worth considering. However, it’s important to understand the limitations of the current technology and to always drive safely.


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