What Are The Key Specifications Of The Samsung Odyssey? Is Samsung Odyssey Good For Gaming?

samsung odyssey ark release date

I have always been into gaming devices. As gaming is my passion, I love using different and new technology. I was searching for a new gaming monitor for a good change. The Samsung Odyssey Ark release date is eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts. With its high-resolution screen and advanced motion tracking tech, the Odyssey ARK promises to give users a virtual reality experience that feels real and immersive.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Release Date

My friend told me that September 12, 2022, is the Samsung odyssey ark release date, and that might be my desired device. So I decided to buy one. A wide variety of laptops and gaming monitors is available in the market. I always do good research before buying a product. Afterward, I review the product as per my concerns and need. So, I have completed my homework and am presenting it to you. Here is a detailed review of the Samsung Odyssey.

Specifications of Samsung Odyssey

First, I will explain the pricing and then move towards the features and working of Samsung Odyssey Ark 55.

What is the Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Cost?

This masterpiece of Samsung odyssey ark 55 is not cheap. It has many features and unique properties, so they set the price accordingly. You can buy an odyssey from $3000 to $4000. But before spending this much revenue, please check whether the product meets your needs.

Display and Dimensions of Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey’s screen measures 55 inches and is made up of glass. This monitor looks so glorious. It has a heavy stand with it. You can rotate the screen to portrait or landscape as per your desire which means you can turn it on 90 degrees. A set with a stand is 1147.6 x 537.2 x 416.4 mm. on the other hand, without a frame, the dimension is 1147.6 x 363.5 x 291.0 mm. Furthermore, the Samsung odyssey ark’s weight is around 91 pounds.

A Bit About Screen Resolution and Type of Samsung Odyssey

The screen resolution of the Samsung odyssey Ark 55 is 3840 x 2160 4K UHD (80.63ppi). Also, it has QLED technology, Mini-LED lightning, 1000R curvature, and a VA panel installed in it. Similarly, the Samsung odyssey refresh rate time is 165Hz maximum, and the aspect ratio is 16:9.

How Good is the Picture and Video Quality of Samsung Odyssey?

The picture quality of the Samsung odyssey ark 55 is premium. You will not see glare over the screen as the manufacturer has reduced this effect. Instead, the screen is matte, and you will be pretty surprised after experiencing the 4k view of the monitor. Besides, color contrasts, color gamut, and dynamic contrast ratio can be seen in this monitor. Moreover, this device contains impressive brightness levels minimum of 300cd/m2 and a maximum of 600cd/m2.

Samsung Odyssey Monitor Audio Quality

Odyssey has four speakers and two central woofers for audio. Likewise, it has an AI sound booster and Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound technology that enhances the quality. But the speaker sound needs some improvements. So if you need a signature sound effect from a Samsung odyssey monitor, use a headset with it.

How Advantageous or Disadvantageous is Samsung odyssey for buying?

Every product has some good sides and wrong sides. So, here I will rate the Samsung Odyssey from my point of view. Here we go:

Pros of Samsung Odyssey Ark 55

  • The display of this device is so sleek and glorious. The plus point is that the matte display does not interrupt the screen with glare.
  • It includes Samsung SmartHub enables gaming from the Cloud. So you can enjoy gaming easily.
  • Odyssey has a cockpit mode that means you can rotate the Screen 90 degrees and entertain yourself. Also, it is a massive feature for gamers, since it boosts their productivity.
  • Till now, no device has been invented that gives 165Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time for a 55″. It is a grand challenge for the rest of the industry, which is unbeatable.
  • Samsung Odyssey provides four best-quality speakers with two woofers. It makes you feel like you’re involved in the activity and makes it seem more real.
  • The gameplay settings are immersive. With pressing a button, the screen sizing and ratio can be changed. Similarly, The Flex Move Screen, Multi View, and Game Bar are additional settings for the Samsung odyssey.

Cons of Samsung Odyssey Ark 55

  • This monitor is a bit heavy. It is impossible for you to handle it on your own, and you will need assistance.
  • The streaming apps cannot be seen in the multiview, for instance, Netflix and HBO.
  • The ark dial of the Samsung Odyssey is pro control for gaming. It is a bit complicated, so you need to learn it before using it.
  • There are four HDMI ports on the Odessey Ark 55, but they cannot all be used simultaneously. Only one can be used at a time, so there is no point in having four ports if they cannot be used simultaneously.

Is Samsung Odyssey good for gaming?

Yes, the Samsung odyssey monitors are great for gaming purposes. The curvy and matte screen provides the best display while gaming. Besides, you can turn the screen to landscape mode or portrait mode, another feature that gamers attract to it.

The Samsung Odyssey also has a high-quality sound system that is ideal for gamers.

It gives nice sound effects with woofers and speakers. Still, if you want to enjoy the clear voices, use a headset.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, I would say the Samsung odyssey ark 55 is an excellent device for gaming and other entertaining activities. The display screen is so big, but the brightness and colors make the view wider. It has Flex View, Multi-View, and different screen settings that you can change with the assistance of the ark dial. Also, a cockpit view with central speakers makes you feel in action.

It is an expensive device with some unique specifications. Undoubtedly, it has some drawbacks, but most features are classy. If you can afford this costly device and are a huge gaming fan, go for the Samsung Odyssey ark 55. You can buy Samsung Odyssey via amazon on special occasions if you want discounts.

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