What Is People Process Technology – Methods For Applying And Measuring It?

people process technology

At Tech Buzzer, we are aware that there isn’t a single best practice for creating software. However, while developing and executing a program with people process tools, we need some factors to consider. Hence, all engineering managers can agree on three mainstays. Managers in the engineering field may improve motivation and output by striking a balance between the people, process, and technology (PPT) framework.

In this post, we’ll go over what “people, process, technology” is and how it works. Also, we will explain how to incorporate the approach into your projects.

What Is People, Process, Technology

Expert in business management, Harold Leavitt published a paper in 1964 titled “Applied Organization Change in Industry.” In this paper, he outlined a strategy for bringing change inside an organization. The system has a model called the People Process Technology Framework, often called the Golden Triangle.

The Importance Of People, Processes, And Technology

The people-process-technology (PPT) triangle is an approach to an organization’s transformation and examines the relationships between these three elements.

The PPT framework is popular because it considers the relationships between people, processes, and technology. People utilize procedures that they have refined via applying technical skills to technology for a specific task.

Business process management (BPM) provides the foundation for introducing modifications, enhancements, and reengineering into a company. People process technology data is there to back it up. Organizational development, change, and management relies on people, processes, and technology. Successful organizations balance these three factors and ensure they continue interacting positively with one another.PPT framework

Three Essential Elements are People, Process, and Technology

The interplay between these three components is fundamental to the PPT framework. People are the ones who carry out the actions. Processes streamline the procedure and save time. By assisting people in their work, technology also facilitates the automation of operations.

The Role of People

The third leg of the people process technology triangle is the people. “People” refers to all the people working for the company. People carry out the procedure, sometimes assisted by technology.

Hiring the appropriate personnel is critical. Businesses need to identify their essential workers with the necessary talents, experience, and values that match the company’s requirements. People also want clearly defined positions so everyone understands their obligations. Thus, ensuring that the team comprises the proper individuals with the appropriate communication.people process technology triangle

The Role of the Process

According to the PPT model, a process is “the sequence of steps that occurs to get desired results.” In contrast to the “who” that emphasizes the people element, the question “How will we affect change?” is answered by procedures.

When planning and implementing procedures, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind for the best outcomes.

  • They are necessary for optimizing and scaling human efforts. Important considerations include the necessity for engineering managers. They record the crucial steps of each operation to ensure accessibility and performance.
  • Collect information from clients and other stakeholders to use in the following stages and the final product.

Evaluate and enhance a process by establishing matrics.

Give Immediate Feedback and Recommendations

Feedback and refinement are essential to the success of any people-process-technology strategy. Inflexible procedures in the development cycle only annoy and slow down the team. Being adaptable is crucial to your success.

The Role of Technology in PPT

Technology refers to the tools and ways to make a process a reality. Engineers often place a premium on technology because of the steady stream of new developments and ground-breaking fixes. It’s easy to fall victim to software development’s “shiny new object” mentality. It’s tempting to build whole departments and policies around this cutting-edge technology.

The purpose of technological processes is to facilitate rather than solve issues. Finding the appropriate people, creating the correct procedures, and documenting them all come first. When making technical decisions, it’s crucial to make things as straightforward as possible. This method guarantees simple adoption and maximized financial returns.Technology in PPT

Successful Methods for Integrating People, Processes, and Technology

People, Processes, and Technology (PPT) cannot be separated from one another when discussing the framework as a whole. Maintaining a friendly and balanced relationship between the three requires understanding the underlying processes and technology.

We have listed some best practices for engineering managers to consider in the People, Process, and Technology framework.

  • Keep in mind that the team’s dynamic and the individuals on it are of paramount importance.

Engineering managers may maximize the PPT framework by carefully considering the people. Furthermore, how they bring into the project and the resulting blend of skill sets and personalities.

  • Get everyone involved on board.

After receiving stakeholder approval of the plan, make the framework’s adoption and any revisions.

  • Specify and describe the procedures.

It is essential to the PPT framework that procedures be well defined and recorded. Keeping details hidden lengthens the development process and raises the probability of failure.

  • Always make changes to improve performance.

The requirements for every given project are subject to change as well. That’s why it’s so important to constantly adjust procedures to suit the current state of the team, and the goals.

  • Consider the needs of everyone while assembling a team.

Having clear standards of behavior is crucial. Everyone involved in the project has to know what is expected of them and why.

  • Don’t impose technology on the general public

Always remember that in software development, technology assists people in carrying out procedures. Thus, do not impose it on your team.

  • Do not separate People, processes, and technology

People, processes, and technology all contribute to the whole. Successful engineering managers pay attention to each component and how those components interact.


Every best business development has three essential elements: the people, the processes, and the tools or technologies. The management structure and overall organization need to be strengthened and reorganized.

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