OnePlus’ New Nord Includes A 108-Megapixel Camera And 67W Fast Charging

OnePlus new Nord

OnePlus’ new Nord includes a 108-megapixel camera and 67W fast charging

OnePlus is unveiling a new model in its mid-grade Nord series, which is the OnePlus new  Nord CE 3 Lite. According to the news, it will be accessible for sale in European areas on April 20 and will be accessible in specific retail across Asia.

One of the surprise features on the CE 3 Lite’s list is the introduction of a 108-megapixel sensor in its camera. This is almost the exact resolution although not exactly the same hardware as what Samsung used in the best-selling Galaxy S20 Ultra in the year 2020. The implicit pixel size expands to 1.92 microns thanks to 9-to-1 pixels to create a 12 MP picture with up to 3x lossless zoom. But Video recording is confined to 1080p 30 fps, which is on the underside for such a huge sensor.

Besides 108 mp main, there is another camera with a macro lens of 2 MP  and a depth sensor of  2 MP.

Another spec of Nord CE 3 Lite, which is worth mentioning is the rapid charging speed which reaches 67W making it adequate to charge its battery of  5,000mAh to percent up to 80 in just 30 minutes, which isn’t bad at this cost.

OnePlus has started

It comes with headphones, but there are also stereo speakers equipped with technology that allows them to be “amplified up to 200 percent”.

It is likely, this rumor refers to optimizations that OnePlus has made to give the Nord CE 3 Lite’s speaker hardware a presumed double the loudness.

Besides the CE 3 Lit— OnePlus also started to pursue the previous year’s Nord Buds known as the Nord Buds 2. Apart from ANC, it offers the same specs as the real Nord Buds. You can have five hours of battery from the headphones with ANC enabled, therefore growing to 27 along with the case.


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