Nokia And Airtel – A Good Combination

Nokia India has collaborated with Bharti Airtel to bring out a new version of the much successful Nokia Xpress Power. This is a significant achievement for the two companies who are leaders in their respective industries. Their collaboration to launch the Nokia Xpress Browser is a step towards strategic coordination across industries in the technology sector. It is also an illustration of attempts of key industry leaders to increase the size of the mobile internet market for all the players.

Nokia Xpress Browser

This is a very latest mobile technology. The Nokia Xpress Browser is a state of the art web browser that has been quite popular on mobile phones in the Indian market. So what is new? In the interest of consolidating its market share and increasing the switching costs for customers, Airtel, one of the leading cellular services providers, has collaborated with Nokia to bring out a version of the top browser with some special features tailor made to the needs of Airtel customers.

Features of Browser

The objective of bringing out the customized version of the Nokia Xpress Browser is to lock in customers to using Airtel services on the Nokia platform by making Airtel services more easily accessible through the customized browser. The Nokia Xpress Browser is an ideal choice for both the companies because it is more than 80% faster compared to other browsers used for mobile Internet surfing.

Fast Downloading and Easy Access

The browser has become popular because of the speed with which users can access the Internet and download websites. Furthermore, the Nokia Xpress Browser is also known for making it easier and quicker to search for information online. The browser also enhances the user experience on social networking websites and downloading web applications. This usability is accessible on all mobile phones in the Nokia Series 40.

Airtel Services Also Accessable

It is expected that the customized Nokia Xpress Browser will take the user experience a step further by making Airtel services more easily accessible. Coupled with the speed of the original browser, the specially customized version will allow Airtel users to access the content of the service provider at the click of a button without having to navigate a lot. In addition, users will be able to discover new content more easily using the customized browser. This step will also stimulate the rate of mobile Internet adoption across the country, leading to possible gains for all players in the industry.

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