Microsoft Surface Pro Charger And What To Do If It’s Not Working

Microsoft Surface Pro charger

After using Microsoft Surface Laptops for more than two years, I’m addicted to this brand. To be honest, I had to face some issues with the Microsoft Surface Pro charger, but in the end, I resolved these issues with a bit of experimentation. Keep reading to learn more about what surface chargers are best for your pro models and what to do if your charger is not working.

Microsoft Surface Pro Chargers


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It has a magnetic connector that splits into your Surface for a secure connection. It has a USB 2.0 port to connect compatible devices and charge them while charging your Surface.
Furthermore, this power supply can easily access complex and difficult egress points.

Additive TypeUSB 2.0 connection with 5W
Voltage100-240 vac
WeightAC cable 0.09 lb  / Power Supply: 0.55 lb
Additive TypeUSB 2.0 connection with 5W
Voltage100-240 vac
Q4Q-00001-Surface laptop charger
1Our Pick

Microsoft Surface Laptop Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop Pro 6, 7, and 8 models,
Microsoft Surface GO, go 2 and go 3, Surface Pro X

SAIL01 Microsoft Surface Pro Charger

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SAIL01 65W Dual USB-C Power Delivery GaN wall chargers are a competitive product.
The charger offers you the best quality sharing at a reasonable cost.
The SAIL01 wall charger is a standard power charger that has two USB-C PD ports. USB-C2 can be a compatible fit for Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Because of its higher output, USB-C2 provides 65 watts when only one port is used at a time. If you are charging two devices simultaneously, then USB-C 2 will supply power of 45W, which will charge your Pro 7 at a slower but still chargeable rate.
USB-C 1 has an 18W output regardless of whether you are charging one or two devices, and most smartphones and tablets can be charged quickly via USB-C.
The SAIL01 is very compact and has the smallest Microsoft Surface Pro charger. In addition to charging capability, this SAIL01 wall charger contains GaN, which makes the charger’s length smaller, with it being 2 inches long and 1-inch thick.

InputAC 100-240V
No. of ConnectorsTwo USB-C1 &  USB-C2
Magnitude2 x 1 x 2 In
Power supply65W
SAIL01-Microsoft surface pro charger
1Our Pick
SAIL01 Microsoft Surface Pro Charger

Microsoft Surface Laptop Pro 3
Microsoft Surface  Pro 4
Surface Laptop Pro 7 +
Microsoft Surface 5 laptop
Microsoft Surface  Laptop Pro 6, 7, and 8 models
Surface Pro X
But it’s perfect for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

UGREEN GaN 100W Microsoft Surface Pro Charger

If you are searching for a Microsoft Surface Pro charger with lots of USB ports, UGREEN 100W is the right option for you because it contains four USB ports.
The UGREEN 100W Microsoft Surface Pro charger offers 100W output, and if you are charging just a single device at a time, you will get an output of 100W. With the UGREEN 100W Microsoft Surface Pro charger, you can simultaneously power multiple devices at the same time. Charging from four ports at the same time always gives the most effective results because USB-C 1 gives the power of 45W, C-2 30W, C-3 10.5W, and the USB-A port gives the power of 10.5W.
Here’s one thing that you should know about this UGREEN Microsoft Surface Pro charger is that it’s not a wall charger. Instead, it is a desktop charger that utilizes the power cord.


  • Great power and efficient charging
  • Solid and authentic build
  • High-quality charging
  • Small size but give the higher output
  • Works with new charging standards along with  USB-PD 3.0 and PPS


  • Sometimes charging stops temporarily when another device is plugged in.
  • The price is a bit higher, as compared to other Microsoft Surface chargers.

Steps To Take If Your Charger Is Not Working

Sometimes when you plugged in the charger, your laptop didn’t charge even if the light was flashing or blinking. When you face such an issue, try these things.

Disconnect Charger And Clean the Connectors

There may be a load on the cable, and it needs some rest to work properly. For this, disconnect the charger from your laptop and unplug its cable from the power supply. If you have any USB accessories connected to your Surface, make sure to disconnect these too.
Now, please wait for 10 seconds to let it rest. After it, clean the connector with a dry cloth and plug the charger into your laptop.

Flip The Connector

If your charger is still having issues, you can flip the connector. Flip it to 180° on the charger to see if it works.

Use A Different Power Supply

If your charger didn’t work after cleaning and flipping, try a different power supply to use your Microsoft Surface Pro Charger. There might be an issue with the outlet, and you can charge just by using a different outlet.

Try Surface Dock

Another way to fix your Surface charger is by using the Surface Dock. If your Surface Pro has an empty battery, plug in the Pro charger using an accurate power supply. After it, try to charge with the surface Dock.

Use Another Power Supply

You can use another surface power supply if your pro charger is not working. You can charge your laptop with the available surface power supply. However, if your laptop has a USB-C port, we recommend using the USB-C PD charger instead.

Purchase a Replacement Microsoft Pro Charger

If you still cannot use the Microsoft Surface Pro Charger after trying the above methods, you can purchase another Surface Charger for your laptop. It is the last thing you can do to charge your laptop. 

Moreover, we recommend purchasing or replacing the power supply only from the Microsoft Store. Other third-party products are incompatible with the device and may cause further hurdles. So, avoiding these sources and going to the Microsoft Store is a better option.


What is the Alternative of the Microsoft Surface Pro Charger?

You can use a USB-C port charger as an alternative to a Microsoft Surface charger. But it is always better if you use a surface charger because, with other USB C ports, the charging speed will be slower compared to the surface charger.

What Can You Do With a USB-C port?

With the USB-C port, you can transfer data, charge other USB accessories, get a little more battery and connect to other compatible devices.

What type of charger does your Surface Pro need?

Charging with a different charger is possible. You can recharge with the USB-C port if you don’t have a charger. But it is highly recommended to use the Surface Pro charger as a USB-C port to charge the device very slowly. You should always recharge your laptop with the Surface Pro charger that comes with the device or with a USB-C PD charger.

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