MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019 Specifications, Reviews, And Price

macbook pro 15 inch

I have been using the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019 with great satisfaction for about four years. My previous laptop was a 15-inch MacBook Pro from the middle of 2014, and I am quite pleased with this update. The quality is impeccable, and I feel at ease using it regularly.

The MacBook Pro 15 is an aesthetically pleasing device that is powerful in every aspect. In this post, I’ll discuss this product’s specifications, price,  and features, based on my experience with it.

If you’re debating between a MacBook Pro and another laptop, this information will be more useful to you. Simply put, the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019 is the model I’d want to purchase with my own money.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Specifications

It debuted in June with a starting price of $2,399. The standard configuration comes with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage. It has a Radeon Pro 555X GPU with 4GB of Graphics Double Data Rate 5 memory. This MacBook Pro is among the greatest laptops and is useable for top professional use options when running demanding applications.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch Bar

Despite Apple’s continued refusal to include a genuine touchscreen inside the MacBook, the Touch Bar is standard on all 2019 MacBook Pro models. Apple’s proprietary Touch Bar is a slim, touch-enabled display with contextual controls that alter appearance and function depending on the running program. I won’t argue the benefits of the Touch Bar since it comes basic on every 15-inch MacBook Pro, and you’re receiving it if you buy a MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Display

Like all Apple products, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro’s display is incredibly bright, colorful, and clear.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Charger

The MacBook Pro can safely run on the 85W adaptor, which is more powerful than it needs but still won’t do any harm. The MacBook Pro is also compatible with the 60W power supply. I have been using a 60W charger for my Mac Book Pro.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Weight

The dimensions and weight of this device are as follows: 1.55 cm deep; 34.93 cm wide; 24.07 cm high; 4.02 pounds (1.83 kg).

MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina

The new MacBook Pro 15  has a 15.4″ diagonally Retina display with a 2880 x 1800.

Battery Life Of A MacBook Pro 15

The battery capacity of this device is up to 1 month of Sleep or 10 hours on the internet or movie playing. The battery life of the MacBook 12in m7 is similarly 10 hours.


What is the ram of a computer?

Random-access memory (RAM) stores information until it is needed by the CPU again. Not to be mistaken, the information saved on your hard disc will remain there even after you shut down your computer.

How is the MacBook Pro always awake?

To disable energy saving, go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and then Energy Saver. Now, if you don’t select Sleep from the Apple menu, your Mac’s display will always be awake.

Why won’t the MacBook Pro turn on?

Your MacBook may not be turning on or charging because of a faulty plug if the charger’s indicator light is not glowing.

How to check what MacBook Pro I have?

The serial number should be near the government marks on the bottom of your Mac. Next to the barcode, you may find it on the original packing. Once you have found your serial number, you can use it on the Check Coverage or Tech Specs pages to locate your specific model.


The  MacBook pro 15 inch 2019  is, in a nutshell, lightning efficient, with 9th-generation Core i9 processing power and SSD speeds that leave the competition in the shadow. In addition, it has a high-quality screen, loudspeakers, and a long battery life. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is the model if you want the greatest MacBook and can manage the mega pricing.

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