MacBook Air 11 Inch: Detailed Review

MacBook air 11 inch

The MacBook Air 11-inch was launched by Apple in 2015. It is the smallest MacBook among all MacBooks launched by Apple.

MacBook Air 11-inch Specs

Design of MacBook Air 11 Inch:

  • MacBook Air presents itself with extremely thin looks. MacBook Air 11 inches dimensions included 0.11-0.68 inch height, 11.8 inches width, and a weight of 2.38 pounds which is approximately 1.08 kg.

Display of MacBook Air 11 Inch:

  • It is the smallest MacBook with an 11.6-inch display size with a sleek wide LED screen that accommodates millions of colors.
  • It comes in with a 1366*768 screen resolution and It has 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3 aspect ratios.

The Processor of MacBook Air:

  • Apple installs a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel core i5 processor in MacBook Air 11 inch and gives high performance on heavy work.

The Memory of MacBook Air:

  • The company already install 4GB onboard memory in this device.

MacBook Air 11 Inch Storage:

There are two variants of storage.

  • 128 GB storage is a variant that is suitable for office work and for a user who has to save very few things on his Mac.
  • 256 GB SSD storage device variant is for those who saved too many videos or large-sized files on their MacBooks.

MacBook Air Camera:

  • 720 Pixels Facetime camera.


  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 ac Wi-Fi wireless network supporting device.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology-supported device.


  • It has Dual stereo speakers.
  • It has Dual microphones.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack is also built into it.

Battery and Power:

  • It provides a 9-hour battery backup on wireless web.
  • It provides 10 hours of battery backup on multimedia.
  • A Built-in 38-watt-per-hour lithium polymer battery in it.
  • The MacBook Air 11-inch charger is a 45W fast charger.


  • Two USB ports are designed in it to transfer data quickly.
  • There are Thunderbolt two ports in it.
  • It has a Mag-safe 2 power jack.


  • Intel HD Graphics 6000 is in it.

Operating system:

  • It supports OS X Mountain Lion.

Keyboard and Trackpad:

  • It has a full-size idiomatic keyboard with approximately 79 keys.
  • Multi-touch trackpad for accurate cursor control, provides axial scrolling, swipe, pinch, rotate, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag facilities are in it.


The MacBook Air 11-inch price is approximately 185 dollars.

11 inch MacBook air

Is there a MacBook Air 11-inch?

Apple officially breaks off the manufacturing of MacBook air 11 inches in 2016 and Apple officially publicized this news in an event, organized in 2016. Although it was an amazing device.

When did MacBook Air 11 come out?

MacBook Air 11 inch was Apple’s laptop that came out on a market in early 2014 and this device was launched with great features indeed.

What Year is the 11.6 MacBook Air?

Apple officially launched 11.6 inches MacBook Air in late 2010. But in fact, this was a little bit heavier device.

Is my MacBook 11 or 13 inch?

11 or 13 inch MacBook air

When your MacBook is turned on then click on the Apple logo which is situated at the top left corner of the menu bar in the company of ‘ About this Mac’. A window will open and display your MacBook’s Serial number and model name. There you can find that your MacBook is 11 or 13 inches.

How Long do Mac Airs Last?

According to experts’ opinion, a new MacBook Airs’ average life is 7 years. A new MacBook Air will last at least 7 years ahead of requiring any replacement. If you are doing photo or video editing, animation or gaming then MacBook Air will last for 5 years.

How do I Know What Size my MacBook is?

A suggested method is, when your MacBook is turned on, click on the Apple logo which is situated at the top left corner of the menu bar in a company of ‘ About this Mac’. A window will open and display your MacBook’s Serial number and model name. There you can find which your MacBook is.

How do I Know What Version my MacBook is?

Here is a step-by-step solution.

  • When you turn on your MacBook, go to the Apple menu which is situated in the upper left corner, and open about this Mac.
  • In a window displayed, you will see your MacBook’s serial number just highlight and copy that.
  • Open Apple’s coverage checking page and paste the serial number which you have copied before. Click on continue, and you will be able to see the model, version, and all other details of your MacBook.

How do I know What Size my MacBook Air is?

To check the size of your MacBook Air turn on it and click on the Apple logo which can see at the top left corner of the menu bar in the company of ‘ About this Mac’. A window will open and finally display your MacBook’s model details and size.

How do I Find Out Which MacBook Pro I have?

To check which MacBook Pro you have, get the serial number that is printed on the underside of the MacBook Pro. Then Enter this serial number on the Check Coverage page and you will find which MacBook Pro you have by seeing the model of your MacBook Pro.


MacBook Air 11 inch was a laptop of Apple that comes with an OS operating system. Although  It was a great device for office work along with 9-10 hours of battery backup. In 2016, Apple officially will not produce furthermore than 11-inch MacBooks. Thus, in 2022 MacBook Air 11 inch can buy in used condition from the market.

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