Why Are My AirPods So Quiet And How To Fix It

why are my airpods so quiet

why are my AirPods so quiet? If you’re struggling with your AirPods for having too quiet a volume, it’s time to stop, because It’s not just you in this struggle. It is one of the frequent issues faced by AirPods users.

I faced this same problem when I received my AirPods for the first time. I smashed the volume, and still, the volume in the AirPods was too quiet for my taste. After some experiments, I fixed my AirPods to a high volume.

Reasons: Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? And How I Fixed It.

After a while of listening to music at high volume with my AirPods, I observe that the volume dropped after some time. This happened due to the iPhone’s Volume Limit

Volume Limit

Let’s say you’ve heard loud music for a long time. Because of that, your iPhone will axiomatically turn down the sound to preserve your auditory perception and delivers a message that you need to lower the volume.

Afterward, you link your AirPods to the device, and they will axiomatically be set to the default setting which is quiet volume. There I found Volum limit in phones is the reason why my AirPods are so quiet

Today most phones have protection implements that keep retaining volume from being extremely loud and harming the ears. Most of the time, this feature works pretty well – you can get your audio or streaming volume pretty high without hurting your ears. However, sometimes the volume limit on your AirPods is quite, well… restrictive

This is especially true if the material you are listening to or watching is not properly mixed, and if you are in a particularly noisy environment. While dealing with the question of why are my AirPods so quiet here’s what I did to fix it.

Fixing Procedure

If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 15, go with this procedure:

  1. First, Open the “Settings” app
  2. Then click “Sounds and Haptics”
  3. Search and click on the “Headphone Safety” button.
  4. From there, put off the sound limiter utilizing the “Reduce Loud Sounds” switch.

If you still wondering why are my AirPods so quiet I have mentioned some other reasons and procedures to fix the low-volume AirPods that I have learned from my research.

Low Power Mode

Occasionally, switching to low power mode on your iOS gadget can bind the audio output from some applications that consume large amounts of power affecting how things play even though there are no volume control settings in the actual app you’re listening to the music with. If the AirPods suddenly go quiet while using an iOS device, Check if you have enabled low power mode and disable it and the issue could be resolved.

If you think your AirPods aren’t drawing power from your iPhone, low power mode shouldn’t affect the volume at all – you’re right.

Even though there is no logical reason for AirPods to have a quiet volume with a Low power mood, it still happens. If your iPhone is in low power mode, the volume on any headphones you use will be affected.

Fixing Process

To turn off the low power mood of your iPhone

Open the “Settings”

Click on the “Battery”

Turn “Low Power Mode”  off

Issue With Software

If your iOS device or AirPods didn’t update when new updates came out, the reason they’re quiet working might be due to software issues

Your phone, laptop, or tablet may need a software update, or it may be experiencing problems of its own. If this is the case, it may also be causing a problem with your AirPods, causing them to play audio at quite volume.

If you’re experiencing other issues with your AirPods, such as not connecting or tending to play in one ear, a software issue may be to onus.

Fixing Process

Make sure the device you’re pairing your AirPods with has up-to-date software and is free of viruses or other issues

Sometimes all you need is a simple software update to get all your devices working perfectly again!

  1. Open the “Settings
  2. Go to “General” and after clicking general tap on “Software Update
  3. Search for available updates and update it

Wetness, Dust, and Earwax

One of the most common reasons why your AirPods have low volume is that wax, dust, and moisture have increased and set up a surface over the speakers in the center of your AirPods.Whether it’s from your ears, a dusty environment, or somewhere else, if it gets into your AirPods, the sound of the AirPods won’t stay the same. Even a small layer of earwax on AirPods is enough to significantly reduce the sound quality

If you exercise while wearing AirPods or wear them in the rain, moisture can also accumulate. The salt in the sweat stays in the AirPods and interferes with the sound quality.

Fixing Process

  • Check and clean your AirPods habitually
  • If you are an AirPod Pro user, you can detach the end to check if the speakers are layered with dust.
  • Cleaning dirt and grime out of AirPods seems a simple task. But, because you are dealing with a subtle device, you need to make sure that you clean them properly.
  • Use a clean and dry brush or something similar to gently remove dirt and grime from your AirPods

Low Battery Of Airpods

If your AirPods battery is low, they will definitely play the audio at a quiet volume So make sure you have enough battery life before you try to use it!

Also, make sure your AirPods case is charging properly and you have a battery left to charge your AirPods

Check If Both AirPods Are At The Same Volume

If one AirPod’s volume is lower than the other, that may be why they seem quiet. There may be an issue with syncing two AirPods at the same time.

If you’re not certain whether your two AirPods have the same volume,

there’s an easy way to check.

Checking procedure: Take one out and put it back. Wait until both are connected before proceeding to the next step! If one sounds louder than the other, this solves your problem!


Once STANNIS BARATHERON in Game of thrones  said

High beats of the drum passionate the soldiers in the war

Of course, we are not at the war but high-volume music surely passionate us about everything we are doing at the time whether working, at parties, or social gatherings…Besides no one wants to use their AirPods in a quiet mood.

Keep your ears and AirPods clean and always remember to check your phone settings before assuming your precious wireless earbuds are broken.

We hope our article would be useful to you if you have the same question about why are my AirPods so quiet and How to fix it.

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