Translusense Luminae: Glass Keyboard Luminae – Review

Here we were, assuming or rather thinking that the ancient keyboard was on its way to becoming yet another obsolete device due to the latest Smartphones and touch phone gadgets. But, Translusense Luminae proved the entire world wrong when it came forward with this wireless, glass, modern looking glass touch keyboard.

Luminae Keyboard Model

Translusense Luminae has diminished any assumptions that many people had regarding the previous centuries’ keyboard models. They did that by introducing this neat looking, most modern Keyboard-that you can customize as you please.
The way these glass keyboard works is quite phenomenal. It has a lightweight pipe, along with infrared LEDs and even visible LED’s that are programmed to feed signals to the glass structure of the keyboard.


You will not see people fussing over the $500 price of the keyboard simply because they understand that this Translusense Luminae product is not only beautiful but as compared to the previous keyboard-where one had to pick food from between the keys, or even vacuum or shake the crumbs out, this product provides immense relief to everyone.

Jason Giddings – Inventor

Glass Keyboard is a big invention in the field of the latest Smartphones technology. Jason Giddings who is the creator of the idea of this keyboard is reported to have called the keyboard an ‘eye candy’ and he went further on and said that he wanted the keyboard to be like the ones seen on TV or even in Sci-Fi movies. And many users would agree, after using it, that the statement holds quite true to that.

Awesome Featuresluminae glass keyboard

Apart from all these benefits, another thing that the user can enjoy is the glowing colours of the keyboard that change in different backgrounds. And if any user, becomes bored and tired by this then the user can just peel off the previous skin and apply a new one.
Even after all this, the people at Luminae went a step further and added a multi-touch.
The translusense keyboard is just brilliant, it is beautiful in every sense and it would make anyone grab one of these designs as soon as possible and run their fingers over the articulately made glass design.

HP Wireless Keyboard

You will feel slight resistance when you touch the keys. It takes very little distance to push a key, which creates a favourable environment for people who type. It will always be easy to see when you have pressed a key. Look like it will be obsolete in the future due to smartphones.

Technology has clearly taken over in the twenty-second century, and the world is now witnessing a flood of disruptive inventions that are displacing what is now available.

Did Typing Obsolete

The million-dollar question about typing is whether it will ever become obsolete. There are many opinions on the subject, and it’s enough to state that typing will not become obsolete.
Many ground-breaking technologies can replace the current standard, but it won’t be easy to give up typing, and it will be hard to make it obsolete.

What are the Possible Alternatives to Typing?

Experts believe that gesture recognition and speech will replace typing. Instead of typing words, people will need to use other input types to receive responses. Is this possible?
It will be helpful to some extent, but it won’t make typing obsolete. Let’s look at speech recognition and compare it to typing. These are some of the significant limitations in speech recognition technology and they merit a discussion.

Speech Recognition is Not as Effective as Typing

Although speech recognition is a fantastic idea, it will negatively impact communication effectiveness. It is important to see the larger picture surrounding this issue, which is why speech recognition will not be a more straightforward text entry method than typing.
Writing and speaking are two ways to express ideas. It is vital to use words with care when you type on your computer. If you need to delete a word or phrase you don’t like, you can use the backspace key.
Speech recognition is a different matter. You already know that speaking is different from writing, and these are two completely different dynamics. You won’t be as selective when you type words.
This is how communication effectiveness will be affected. When you’re preparing a document, the value of words is crucial, making it unlikely that typing will ever become obsolete.

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