Israeli Companies Lead the Way in Health Related Apps

Israel has always been a leader in developing innovative medical technologies. An important area where Israeli companies are concentrating their efforts nowadays is in the development of health related apps for smartphone users. The research is being conducted in response to increasing public interest in such applications.

The applications promise to allow users to monitor their health in a better way and to keep track of their health readings. The applications are also appreciated by health practitioners because it allows them to respond to patient needs immediately. Both patient and doctor can share medical reports without meeting in person. Insurance companies are also taking a keen interest in this developing field.

Benefits of Health Related Apps

A number of health related apps already exist that allow smartphone users to keep track of their blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and blood glucose levels and weight. The application stores all the data and creates a regularly updated profile of the user. The profile indicates the overall health of the user and allows health care practitioners to devise programs of treatment to suit the particular profile. The technology comes with sensors that can collect the data and transfer it to the smartphone for processing. The apps are also expected to motivate people to take greater interest and responsibility towards their own health.


Increased Coordination Among Stakeholders

Some of the most promising health apps developed by Israeli companies were displayed at the annual Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) in Tel Aviv. The event is a high-profile industry event attended by surgeons, hospital officials, and insurance company officials. One such promising app is called Healarium. The app has been designed to promote better cooperation among insurance companies, their corporate clients and the employees of the clients. The app can be used to store a health program for the employee, enabling the employee, employer, insurance agent and doctor to monitor the employee’s health and compare it with the plan.

A Clinic on the Smartphone

Another health related app that is likely to be a success is called Mobile-CliniQ. The developer of this app, Aerotel, has a strong tradition of developing technologies that allow medical information to be transferred through electronic media. The device also comes with sensors that the user can attach to the relevant areas and connect to the app on the smartphone. The sensors track health parameters such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and so on. The information is sent to the app where it is updated and compared with previous readings. Any anomaly is indicated by an alarm, thus enabling the user to get in touch with a doctor.

An App for Measuring Glucose Levels

Another relevant technology is the Dario, a mobile glucose meter developed by Labstyle Innovation. The Dario enables users to measure and keep track of their glucose levels on their smartphones. The Dario comes complete with a lancing attachment, a disposable cartridge and an adapter. The Dario is likely to be the next big innovation in diabetes care.

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