A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon

how to use apple pay on amazon

Do you want to use Apple Pay for your Amazon purchases? The good news is that Apple Pay is recognized as a payment option on Amazon, but individual vendors cannot accept it. If you cannot use Apple Pay at an express checkout, you may still purchase using your Apple Card. This post will explain how to pay with Apple Pay on Amazon and how to use apple pay on Amazon on iPhone.

How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon: Gradually Guide

  • Make sure your gadgets are compatible.
  • It’s important to ensure your smartphone is compatible with Apple Pay and Amazon since not all do.
  • Verify that your mobile device (phone, tablet, or wristwatch) is compatible with Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay works with most Apple Watches, iPhones (version 6 and later), and even some iPads. Also, check whether the Amazon app is compatible with your device; some older gadgets may not run the most recent version.
  • Get Apple Pay set up.

Ensure your Apple Pay settings are accurate so that Amazon can utilize the right payment method.

To add a new payment method, open the Amazon digital wallet app on your iOS device and press the “+” symbol in the upper right corner. Just stick to the on-screen prompts to input your card information. If your bank needs verification, you must complete the instructions and have a verification code ready to input.

Apple Pay-enable the Amazon App

If you have an Amazon account, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases in a streamlined, safe, and convenient manner.

To start the Amazon app, you need an Amazon wallet login and visit your profile page. Select Apple Pay as a payment option by clicking Add Payment Method in the Payment Options or Wallet section. Amazon will set up the two if you have an iOS device and an Apple Pay account.

Search Amazon for what you need.

You may shop easily and efficiently by placing things of interest in a shopping basket from apple pay online stores.

Flip through Amazon’s selection until you find what you’re looking for. After deciding on a purchase, you may select “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” Make sure everything in your shopping basket is right by giving it a second look.

Choose Apple Pay for the Payment Option

When you pay with Apple Pay, your transaction is quick and safe. You can also buy an Amazon gift card with Apple Pay.

The Amazon app’s Checkout page must be accessed. Make sure Apple Pay is chosen as the payment option by reviewing your shipping and invoicing details. If it is not already the default mode of payment, choose it from the list.

Verify the purchase using Apple Pay.

Reviewing your payment confirmation allows you to check for any unauthorized charges.

The total due and the payment method you choose for Apple Pay will be shown. You may finalize the transaction by clicking twice the side trigger on your iPhone or Apple Watch or by authenticating with Touch ID or Face ID. Don’t quit the Amazon Wallet app until the confirmation screen says your money was accepted.

How to Check the Status of Your Order

To prepare appropriately for the arrival of your order, you must monitor its progress.

After purchasing on Amazon using Apple Pay, you will get a confirmation email with the order details. You can monitor the delivery of your Amazon package using either the app or the website.

How to Use Apple Card on Amazon?

The majority of Amazon’s offerings do not support Apple Pay. If so, you may substitute your Apple card. How? Read on!

  • Start the Amazon app on your iOS device and log in.
  • To open your account, use the account icon from the main menu.
  • Tap Your Account.
  • Select Your Payments from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Wallet tab and then +Add on the subsequent page.
  • Select a payment option on the next page.
  • After typing your Apple ID and password, choose “Save.” To make your Apple Card the go-to for purchases, choose “Set as default payment method.”
  • The Wallet app on your iPhone may display your Apple card information if you have forgotten it.
  • The funds from your Apple Card have been transferred to your Amazon account. You need to see a confirmation that says, “Payment method added.”

After adding your Apple Card, you can use it on Amazon. Is it true the robotic era will affect Amazon employees?

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Where Can I Use Apple Cash?

In-store, online, or in-app, you may use it wherever you spot the Apple Pay brand. Apple Cash may be moved to a bank account as well. With an Apple Card and the Savings feature enabled, you may use Apple Cash to deposit and withdraw funds from your Savings account as often as you choose.


How to use apple pay on Amazon? Using Apple Pay to make purchases on Amazon is a fast, secure, and easy process. To use this payment type, check that your device supports Apple Pay and the Amazon app. The next step is to enable the Wallet app in your Amazon settings after creating a Wallet account. Just put the items you wish to buy in your It shopping cart, and then choose Apple Pay as your payment option. Verify the purchase using Face ID or Touch ID for extra security, and then monitor the delivery of your goods in real-time.

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