A Detailed Review of Apple Watch 8 Vs Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch

I always like to have a watch on my wrist. Wearing a watch in the office looks elegant. Not only in the office, but you can also wear it regularly. So, I have huge research on watches. Recently, I was searching for a smartwatch. For this purpose, I found the apple watch the best option. Accordingly, I looked into the advantages and other specifications of the watches from Apple.

Before buying a product, you must know every single piece of information about it. It is a fact that you cannot give a proper review without using the product. Still, gathering basic knowledge about specifications and other things will benefit you. It will help you to find your expected product.

Here, I will share the review of the apple watch I experienced. So, let’s start it:

Apple Watch Series 7 & 8: Features Difference

Apple Watch 8 launched with two new features. First, it has a skin temperature sensor that detects your body temperature from your wrist after a specific time interval. Next, it detects severe car crashes and calls emergency aid for your help. Another feature of the watch 8 is the low power mode. But you can find this specification in the watch 7 with a full watch OS 9 update.

A Price Difference Between the Two

The 7th edition of the apple watch is an old version; so, you may get it at a lower price. Watch 7 has a price of $249. And, you can get the watch eight for at least $399.

Design of Watch 7 vs. 8

The most exciting thing about the watch 8 is that it is available in various colors. In addition, it is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Battery Life

Both devices have 18 hours of battery life with continuous watch use. It includes always-on display enabled, fitness tracking, and sleep tracking. But the 8th series of apple watches has a fast charging feature. Moreover, low power mode has been installed in this watch that helps disconnect battery draining operations, so the battery lasts 36 hours.

Is an Apple Watch Worth Buying?

The watch certainly has amazing features that would be fun to use. If you are an iPhone user, you should buy it as the apple watches are mini phones that you can connect with your phone and operate the functions. So, you spend less time on your phone. Moreover, it looks classy.

Can I Wear my Apple Watch While Having a Shower?

This watch is water-resistant. But, you cannot wear it while having a shower as it is not waterproof. Now, you will ask how much water this Watch can resist. So, you can wash your hands by wearing your apple watch. It can bear the sweating while exercising or walking in the rain.

There are some activities you should avoid. For instance, do not apply perfume, shampoo, or lotion on your watch. It would be best if you avoid swimming, bathing, or diving with your apple watch on. The watch can sustain little wetness. But it will damage the watch if you pour excessive water.

What is the Price of an Apple Watch?

Of course, if you want to buy one of the brand-new apple watches, it will cost higher. But, buying a used one costs less. Similarly, a brand new updated version of this watch is much more expensive than an old version of the new watch. It can cost from $249 to $1229. So, you can buy a watch from apple as per your requirements.

How Many Years Does an Apple Watch Last?

Careful use of a device can extend its life. This watch has a good performance. So, your watch can perform best for three years. After the tenure of three years, you might see some performance issues. For example, battery life becomes low, or some other changes happen.

On the other hand, your watch would not sustain even for three years if you use it carelessly. Try to keep it dry. Moreover, avoid chemicals and other scents from reaching your watch of the apple brand. Furthermore, keep it away from falling and other damage.


Apple watches series 8 has some upgraded features to the series 7. In contrast, the design, features, sustainability, and manufacturing are surprisingly fantastic. I guess that it is the best smartwatch to use if it is cost-friendly.

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