11 Best Apple Watch Face (Third-Party) Apps For Ultimate Personalization

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The Apple Watch has always allowed for face customization via the Watch app’s curated collection of faces and through complications. The greatest Apple Watch wallpaper, such as vintage, high-end, Star Wars, or holiday-themed designs, may now be obtained via the use of third-party app stores. The option to personalize your watch face is perhaps one of the most appealing features of the Apple Watch. You may use an application on your watch if you want to flaunt your preference for a certain color or television program. The Apple Watch face may quickly become outdated, so here are some of the finest applications to keep it looking its best. Here, read more about best Apple watch faces 2022. 

11 Best Apple Watch Face Apps

1. Clockology

It is an excellent piece of software since it allows you to customize your Apple Watch face as well as utilize those designed by others. The app offers a wide variety of beautiful watch faces for free download, but some of the most unique designs need a monthly or annual subscription fee of either $2.99 or $24.99. You can’t go wrong with the Casio Space watch face, which you can get from this page and activate in the app for a throwback, retro look and feel reminiscent of the 1990s.

2. Watch Faces by Facer

Facer app has a 4.7 rating based on over several reviews because it offers some of the most popular third-party Apple Watch faces. To use it fully, spend $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year with a one-week free trial.

3. Watch Face Albums

Watch Face Albums is an superb option if you’re seeking high-quality wallpapers for your Apple Watch. Although some watch faces have complexities that add functionality, the emphasis of this app ($1.99 Per Month) is on beautiful photographs that can be downloaded and used with the Apple Watch’s Photos or Kaleidoscope watch faces. Free backdrops are scarce, but a new set becomes accessible every 16 hours.

4. Buddywatch

Buddywatch is another terrific app for Apple Watch backgrounds. It provides free alternatives in different colors and patterns; some have functional issues. Buddywatch enables changing Apple Watch faces simple with just a click, unlike other applications that require downloading photographs.

5. Watchfacely

You may download a limited number of Watchfacely’s free watch faces without a membership. Over 4,000 watch faces are available for $29.99 each year. Hermes, Nike, Coco Chanel, and more are available.

6. Gallery & Widgets

This app’s collection isn’t great, but it offers unique features. First, the developers are simple to email and will assist you in figuring out the app, although it’s straightforward and works great on my Series 7. Most apps only function on newer watches; however, this one contains collections for the original Apple Watch and previous versions.

7. Watch App

The Apple Watch Face Gallery is accessible from the main menu of the Watch app and features beautiful designs created by Apple. It just released watchOS 8 with features like Contours and Portraits. Due to its reliance on the Series 7’s bigger screen, Contour is exclusive to that model.

8. Watchsmith

Many Apple Watch owners have inquired about a digital-to-analog conversion option. It is possible to accomplish this with the standard Watch app, but Watchsmith offers far more features. There are no downloadable adorable Apple Watch faces in the Watch app, but you can tweak the complexity of the official faces, so they cycle throughout the day.

9. MobyFace

With weekly updates and excellent relationships, it’s simple to understand why MobyFace is popular. MobyFace’s website is a wonderful starting place for downloading and installing Apple Watch faces. This distinguishes this software from others on this list. Star Wars and the Mandalorian are also huge draws.

10. StepDog

This software enables you to have a dog buddy while reaching your step goal. The free version adds a random dog complication to Series 4 and later Infographic Modular watch faces. Your virtual pet naps when you accomplish your step target. $1.99 gets you a particular dog breed or a cat. Toys and weather need a $0.99 monthly subscription.

11. WatchMaker

This app costs $3.99 per week or $49.99 per year, but it’s worth it. Before you trash it and choose a cheaper app, grab the free three-day trial and explore the Apple Watch face alternatives. The app includes templates for creating and sharing watch faces. If your watch face collection is popular, you may sell it on the app.

Wrapping Up

Apple is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail across various product dimensions. For those looking to design an Apple Watch face that is unique to them, I compiled a list of 11 apps that make it possible to do so. The iconic walled garden also surrounds Apple Watch that Apple products reside in, perhaps to a greater extent than any other products. Even though Apple has begun to allow users to share their Apple Watch faces, the company does not truly let third-party watch faces be used on the Apple Watch. In watchOS, you can build your own watch face and then use it instead of the default one, thanks to some workarounds and programs.

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