How To Access Clipboard On iPhone: Tips, Tricks, And Solutions

how to access clipboard on iphone

Once, I found an interesting article I wanted to share in my friend’s group, but I couldn’t access the Clipboard where I initially copied the link. I was frustrated as I couldn’t locate it as I use my iPhone daily, day and night. This upset me because this is the device I operate daily, and yet this clipboard thing was an enigma for me.

As I dug deeper and researched, I found out it wasn’t only me who was going through this and searching for a solution; other people were also looking for an answer. Then through my thorough research, I was able to answer the questions and this article will skim through the details and the process of accessing Clipboard on iPhone; let me share the tips, tricks, and solutions for this query.

How to access Clipboard on the iPhone by establishing a shortcut?

By going through these steps, you can easily create a grabbing shortcut on the iPhone.

  • Search on your iPhone “shortcuts” applications
  • Now click on the “gallery” option in the menu
  • Then find out ways to modify the clipboard and open it
  • Now add the shortcut button
  • Now return to the “My shortcuts” tab

See how convenient it was to create a shortcut and access the Clipboard.

How do you access Clipboard on your iPhone via the Notes application?

Do you have the idea that iPhone users can use the Notes app for the Clipboard? Why not, it can also be utilized as another option.

  • Find the Notes app on your iPhone and then open it.
  • Curate a new note on the app.
  • Now, keep the notes app running in the background.
  • Copy the specific link/ text you meant to save.
  • Go back to the notes app, and then paste whatever content you copied.
  • Save it where you created the note.

Ah, nicely done! That’s how you can access the Clipboard via the notes application.

Where is your Clipboard on your iPhone?

It is an inbuilt feature in your iPhone that allows you to copy and cut any item. Particularly there isn’t any designated application or place where the actual information is saved. Keep that in mind: one clip can be stored at one time. Copying a new one would replace the other one.

Where is Clipboard on iPhone 13?

  • Unlock the iPhone 13 and visit the home screen.
  • Open the Notes app.
  • Hold in the text input field for a while and then place whatever was copied on a clipboard.
  • Later, to access clipboard history, press for a longer time on the input text field and then click the clipboard option to see the history.

Where is the Clipboard on iPhone 11?

  • The foremost step is to unlock your iPhone and visit the home screen.
  • Now open any app that has the paste option such as notes.
  • Tap and hold in the input text field and press where you want to paste Clipboard.
  • Then, press the option to tap paste.

What is Clipboard on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6?

  • The first step is to unlock your iPhone 7 and 6 and go to the home screen.
  • Now open any app that has the paste option such as notes.
  • Now tap whatever text you copied and find a place where you want to paste Clipboard.
  • Then, press the option to tap

How to clear the Clipboard?

The iPhone’s clipboard history can be cleared in multiple ways, as we all know that one item can be copied and saved on the Clipboard.

  • To clear it, open up any blank space and select copy and cut. This option will replace the other stored items already placed there.
  • Another way to clean this up would be to use the iPhone shortcuts, and that would be “Clean up Clipboard” or “Self Destructing Clipboard” shortcut through the shortcut app.

Following any of these will clear away the clipboards.

How do you access the Clipboard on the iPhone through the Microsoft Swift key?

Another interesting way is to access the Clipboard on the iPhone through the Microsoft Swift key:

  • The foremost step would be the installation of the Microsoft Swift essential application on your iPhone and then adding it to your keyboard for the desired outcome.
  • To set that as your iPhone keyboard, do the following steps:

Open up the Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Swift Key

  • By tapping on the swift key and sliding it to turn on and Allowing Full Access.
  • After doing this step, open the place where you could input text, whether it could be a notes app or an iPhone text message. Then, by pressing on the keyboard and clicking the Globe sign on the keyboard, you can switch to the Microsoft Swift key option.
  • After copying the intended text to be pasted where there is an input text option.
  • Then, allow pasting there by tapping on the paste option. Also, if you tap on the save option, it will be saved there for a longer time.

Where does the copied clipboard data go on the iPhone?

After something is copied on your iPhone, it will be stored on a temporary basis inside the storage memory of the phone, known as the Clipboard. The Clipboard is considered a place for storing content for some time; it is a temporary storage space for content such as text, images, files, etc. It is an option for all iPhone models, including iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X series, and others.


Clipboard is an invisible application that runs in the background and acts as a temporary storage space for texts, images, other vital links, etc. It helps keep the documents safe, and by going through this article full of profound knowledge, you can access the Clipboard whichever you like and whichever iPhone you own. It is going to be less work for anyone who wants to copy and paste the items after finding them for saving and storing purposes. Now, you can share the links and copy stuff with your friends or save them for later.

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