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Aren’t we all hoping to see flying cars shortly? Are we not secretly wishing to drive cars that will go underwater? Every car enthusiast is constantly in search of the best possible ways to upgrade their current car or buy a new, even better one. One such family-owned car dealership, which is well known for keeping up with the demands of its clients, is known as the Grubbs Acura Dealership.

The automotive industry is one of our time’s fast-moving and flourishing industries. Novel innovations in existing cars and the launching of revolutionary models of new cars by different companies have made us wonder how soon we’ll be seeing flying or diving cars around us. Owning a car during these times has become mandatory to keep up with the expeditious trends and to move from one location to another easily. Numerous car dealerships in every city of the world deal with the sale and purchase of new and used cars. This article is about how the Grubb family is dealing with their latest version of electric vehicles.

What Is The Grubbs Family of Dealerships?

Grubbs Automotive was first inaugurated in 1948. it emerged as a family-owned and controlled automotive business, a tradition that is prevalent today. The Grubbs name is interchangeable with a name of quality, excellence, top-notch service, and honesty.

The founding members of this family business believed that although anyone could indeed sell a car, to elevate a dealership to stand above the rest, it must be able to completely live up to the needs and expectations of every single customer. This “customer first” philosophy has trickled down to all the generations to come. It can be observed firsthand when one visits any of the Grubbs dealership shops or locations all over Texas. In addition to this, The Grubbs Auto Group has succeeded in winning many prestigious awards for their customer service as well as their sales operations.

What Does The Grubbs Auto Group Deal In?

The Grubbs Auto Group deals in a wide range of new, luxurious cars, used vehicles, and skillful auto services. When searching for a new car, the Grubbs Dealership has a variety of options to choose from. These include cars, trucks, SUVs, and luxury vehicles such as the Grubbs Acura, Grubbs Volvo, and Grubbs Infiniti, among many others. They also deal in preowned or used cars in superb condition. Their dealership allows customers to use their services, including oil changes, tire renewals, brake inspections, tire rotations, and supply of factory-certified car parts.

What New Cars Are Being Introduced In 2023?

Like any other car company or dealership, Grubbs Auto Group has also scheduled the release of new models of their cars which will come into effect in 2023. These cars have undergone up-gradations and renewals before their final release, which is expected in different months of the following year, I.e., 2023. These new cars are sometimes pre-booked by car enthusiasts who cannot wait for their release.

All the car specifications are released beforehand, and the actual car is unveiled later. In 2023, the Grubbs dealership is scheduled to unveil many new cars, including the new full-size Volvo XC90, an SUV fitted with three rows and seven seats. It has been recognized as one of the best family cars owing to its great design and unparalleled specs.

They are also displaying the new Grubbs Acura MDX somewhere at the start of 2023. It is a luxury and well-equipped SUV which has optimized and improved its already great design with its new, innovative technology, jaw-dropping features, and top-notch comfort across all three rows of seating. Another car in this lineup for 2023 is the Grubbs Acura Integra, best described as a driver-first, full-performance car. Its amazing VTEC engines aid in the smooth running of this new Acura Integra, and it is fitted with the best, most high-tech, and well-crafted interior.

Grubbs Acura: Electric Cars To Launch In 2023

An electric car is the car of the future with its unsurpassed specs and features that have taken the world by surprise. Looking back ten or twenty years, who could have thought that one-day cars would be run on batteries and would not even require fuel to operate?

At that time, this concept was merely a fantasy and not something that could be put into practice, but today, as technology advances, we have witnessed the unveiling of electric cars which can be charged and recharged instead of requiring any sort of fuel.

There Are Three Basic Types Of Electric Vehicles

  1. All-electric vehicles: All-electric vehicles (commonly referred to as EVs or BEVs) don’t use gasoline and alternatively have a sizeable battery that powers one or more electric motors. All-electric vehicles can be charged at home by the utilization of standard 120-volt or 240-volt house plugs.
  2. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles provide both gas-only and electric-only driving, even at comparatively high speeds.
  3. Fuel-cell electric vehicles: Fuel cell electric vehicles run on electricity too. Still, its power system is constituted of many cells combined into a stack that chemically unites hydrogen gas. It starts from the car’s tank and oxygen from the air to create electricity.

Some electric vehicles being disclosed in 2023 include:

  • Audi A6 e-Tron
  • BMW i5, Fiat Panda
  • Fisker Ocean
  • Kia EV4
  • Mercedes EQE SUV, among many others.

Electric Cars Pioneered By Polestar In Dealership With Grubbs Auto Group

The well-known Swedish auto brand that deals with all-electric cars and automotive, Polestar, is soon coming into the Grapevine version. In accordance with its contract with the Grubbs family of dealerships. Polestar is one of the most original and foremost all-electric brands that are located in Grapevine. According to a press release, it is planning to operate temporarily on an on-site facility. Polestar is presently exhibiting and working on two models. Polestar 1 is a low-volume electric performance hybrid GT, and Polestar 2 is a fully electric model. This famous brand is also planning on releasing Polestar 3 in the near future an electric SUV model. The Grubbs family of dealerships also runs the Acura, Infiniti, and Volvo dealerships in Grapevine.

Bottom Line

Grubbs Family Dealership is a trusted brand. They deal with some of the most in-demand cars and vehicles of the present time. Their collection of trucks, SUVs, and cars has gained the attention of many local dealerships. Car enthusiasts and people interested in buying the best quality vehicles. The Grubbs Acura is the most popular car in their lineup, and is working to incorporate new innovations. The updates in the 2023 model alongside the release of other luxury cars and SUVs.

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