Google Glass – A Revolutionary deviece by Google

If the race of most companies to develop the best smartphone did not have you excited enough, Google has decided to amaze us all once again with a revolutionary idea. Google is currently developing the Google Glass, a computing device that claims to be quite ahead of the smartphone in terms of the technology, that users as well as industry experts find hard to keep pace with the revelations. Recently, the company released a new promotional video for the Google Glass explaining what the technology is all about and what users can hope to gain from it.

The Most Remarkable Computing Innovation?

In the video, Google claims that the technology behind the Google Glass is probably the best thing that has happened in the field of computing devices in a long time. The Google Glass is basically a computing device that can be worn like a pair of glasses. The video has generated a lot of excitement among technology lovers about the performance and features of the Google Glass. The company hopes that the excitement of these early adopters will pass on to the general market.


The video basically shows a number of people wearing the Google Glass while performing a number of activities. The wearers can be seen enjoying themselves on a rollercoaster or on sliding down ski slopes wearing the Google Glass all the while. Through these images, the company intends to show that the Google Glass can be used while performing any type of activity and having fun. Basically, it aims to help users multitask more efficiently.

Technical Specifications

The Google Glass is being designed to run on the Goggle operating system like Android so that it can offer the same functionality as a smartphone, with the added capability of responding to voice commands. This would eliminate the need for a touch screen. Users wearing the Google Glass will be able to view through a small screen mounted on the right rim of the glass. While some people are catching on to the hype and enthusiasm, others are taking a restrained approach to the Google Glass.

Some quarters, such as the magazine Popular Science UK, advise that nothing much should be expected until the project receives the required level of funding and resources. They claim that it would require an international collaboration rather than the efforts of a single company to realize the claims made in the promotional video.

A Caveat by Company

Consumers are being warned not to get carried away by the slick promotional campaigns and larger than life promises and glossy packaging that the company is currently selling to the public. Some experts in the industry are also saying that the technology has likely not yet been developed to that level where the Google Glass could actually do what it claims to be capable of. Building up a lot of expectations could backfire if the company cannot develop the kind of technology such an idea would require.



It is estimated that the Google Glass will be launched some time in 2014 and will be offered at a price below $1,500. This would place the Google Glass above the smartphone in the market.

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