Facebook is now changing its privacy policy


Facebook is going to change its privacy policy and allowing third parties to access on the user data and that allows users to control the types of messages they receive by email. It would not allow the users to vote on proposed policy changes.  The two digital changes group urged Facebook to halt changes to its supervision and data use policies, warning the modifications could increase privacy risk.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Facebook is asked by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) to withdraw the changes, arguing that have a right to control their personal information in its Supervision. As these proposed changes raise question mark or privacy risks for users, this is may be against the law and violating its agreement with users about site governance. As Facebook allowed its users before that to vote on proposed governance changes if seven thousand users contributed ‘substantive’ comments. A subsequent policy vote was considered binding if more than thirty percent of all active registered users voted.

Facebook’s Plans

According to the company (Facebook) that they want a more meaningful feedback system through incentivized the quality of comments over their quality. Facebook also plans to change its Data use policy tool that allows it to share user information with other companies that are part of Facebook. Electronic Privacy Information Centre and Centre for Digital Democracy wrote that the changes would allow Facebook to combine user information held by its recent freely share data policy between the two sites.

Agreement of Facebook With Government of United States

The governing bodies warned that Facebook’s settlement with United States Federal Trade Commission mandated that the site clearly disclose data sharing. Facebook finalized the agreement with the Federal government in August after the agency charged it was repeatedly sharing information that the user believed was kept private. According to the EPIC and CDD, Facebook’s third party change to its messaging setting would likely increase spam. This change allows anyone who had been added to  a message thread to reply to it. Which the groups said that removes user’s ability to prevent strangers from sending unwanted messages to their real email address from the Facebook messaging system. Facebook reply to this statement and said that it did not have a comment on later.



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