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Facebook Is Now Changing Its Privacy Policy

Facebook is going to change its privacy policy and allow third parties to access the user data and that allows users to control the types of messages they receive by email. It would not allow the users to vote on proposed policy changes.

The two digital changes group urged Facebook to halt changes to its supervision and data use policies, warning that modifications could increase privacy risk.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Facebook is asked by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) to withdraw the charges, arguing that have a right to control its personal information under its Supervision. As these proposed changes raise question marks or privacy risks for users, this may be against the law and violates its agreement with users about site governance.

As Facebook allowed its users before that to vote on proposed governance changes if seven thousand users contributed ‘substantive’ comments. A subsequent policy vote was considered binding if more than thirty percent of all active registered users voted.

Facebook’s Plans

According to the company (Facebook), they want a more meaningful feedback system by incentivizing the quality of comments over their quality. Facebook also plans to change its Data use policy tool that allows it to share user information with other companies that are part of Facebook.

Electronic Privacy Information Centre and Centre for Digital Democracy wrote that the changes would allow Facebook to combine user information held by its recent freely share data policy between the two sites.

Agreement of Facebook With the Government of the United States

The governing bodies warned that Facebook’s settlement with United States Federal Trade Commission mandated that the site clearly disclose data sharing. Facebook finalized the agreement with the Federal government in August after the agency charged it was repeatedly sharing information that the user believed was kept private.

According to the EPIC and CDD, Facebook’s third-party change to its messaging setting would likely increase spam. This change allows anyone who had been added to a message thread to reply to it.

The groups said that removes users’ ability to prevent strangers from sending unwanted messages to their real email addresses from the Facebook messaging system. Facebook reply to this statement and said that it did not have a comment later.

What Kind of Information Are We Collecting?

Depending on the Services you are using and the Service you use, we gather different types of data from or about the users you use. What you do and the information you share.

We collect the content and additional attributes that you share when you utilize our services, for example, when you sign-up to make an account, upload or share content, and send notifications or contacts to different users.

It could be information related to or regarding the content you submit, like the photo’s location or the date on which a file was made. We also gather data about how you use our Services; including the type of content you access or interact with or the time and frequency of interactions. Things that others do, as well as the details they share.

Facebook Collecting Data

We also collect the content and other data that other users give us through our Services; such as details about you, like when they share pictures of you or send a message to you, upload, transfer, or sync your contact details and your connections and networks.

We track the people and groups you are connected with and your interactions with; for example, those you interact with the most or groups you would like to communicate with. We also collect information about your contacts that you enter when you transfer, sync; or upload the data (such as the address book) via your device and information on the process of making payment.

Use our services to make purchases or financial transactions. (e.g. when you purchase something from Facebook or purchase something through a game or make donations). We will collect information regarding the transaction or purchase.

This includes your payment details like your debit or credit card number and any other information; along with additional account and authentication details including billing and shipping and contact information, therefore information about the device.

Services According To Our Permissions

We gather information on or about your devices like phones, computers, or other devices that you use our Services or install according to your permissions. We may link the data we collect from different devices; which enables us to ensure that you receive the same Services across all your devices. Here are a few examples of the information about your device we collect:

Information From Apps and Websites Which Use Our Services

We collect data when you use third-party sites and applications that utilize the Services. (e.g. when they have our Like button, Facebook login, or our advertising and measurement services).

This includes information regarding the apps and websites you visit and our services on these websites. The apps, and the knowledge that the publisher or developer for the application or site communicates to you or us. Third-party information from our partners.

We collect information regarding you and your actions both on or off Facebook from our third-party partners. For example, data from an affiliate who we offer jointly; and from an advertising company regarding your interactions or experiences with them. Facebook companies.

We collect data about you from businesses operated or owned by Facebook under their policies and terms. Please find out more information about these businesses and their policies on privacy.

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