Crypto VC Funding Hits 2 Year Low, US Firms Still Favorite: Galaxy Research

Crypto VC funding

According to a recent report from Galaxy Research, venture capital funding in the crypto industry has hit a two-year low. The report shows that in the first quarter of 2023, VC funding in the crypto space totaled just $1.2 billion, which is down significantly from the previous quarter’s total of $2.3 billion. Despite this dip in funding, US firms are still the most favored destination for VC investment in the crypto industry.

According to the report decreased funding is linked to higher regulatory scrutiny in certain areas, among other factors.

  • A slowdown in the overall cryptocurrency market
  • A general lack of new projects and startups in the space.

These factors have all contributed to a decrease in investor confidence and a tightening of funding in the industry.

The report shows that US firms continue to be the most attractive destination for VC investment in the crypto industry. In the first quarter of 2023, US crypto companies garnered more than half of all VC funding, totaling $649 million. This is a significant increase from the previous quarter when US firms received $452 million in investment.

US-based crypto companies remain attractive to VC investors due to the country’s relatively stable regulatory landscape. Unlike China and India, which have tightened crypto regulations, the US has taken a relatively laissez-faire approach to the industry. This has allowed crypto startups in the country to operate with a greater degree of certainty and stability, which is attractive to investors.

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In addition, the UK and Singapore also received substantial VC investments in Q1 2023, with $259 million and $115 million. However, these amounts are significantly lower than the investment received by US-based firms.

Overall, while VC funding in the crypto industry may have slowed down in the first quarter of 2023, investors continue to favor US-based crypto startups as their top investment destination. The relative stability of the regulatory environment in the country, combined with the high degree of innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the space, makes the US an attractive place for investors looking to get involved in the crypto industry. However, it is uncertain if this trend will persist as regulatory environments shift. The regulatory environment in other jurisdictions evolves and the overall cryptocurrency market continues to fluctuate.


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