Chain Snaps And Hits Man In Face; Precautions To Take While Using Towing Chain

chain snaps and hits man in face

Life is precious, even in this advanced world. Technology is helping us throughout the day, from advanced boxing machines to advanced vehicles, although we should be careful while using today’s technology. You may think of a towing chain as a simple chain, but it can turn into a dangerous thing if used carelessly and even become the cause of death. We found many cases when the chain snaps and hits man in face who’s near the area.

It is always advised to play with gadgets under safety measures. Having advanced fitness solutions is necessary to cope with some difficult situations.

Keep reading to learn about the incident and the safety measures while using the towing chain.

Precautions To Take While Using Towing Chain

What precautions you should take when using a towing chain are mentioned below.

Attach the Chain to the Truck Properly

Attach the chain properly to the truck and check twice if it is attached properly.

Connect the chain at the rear of the vehicle. Do not attach the tow chain to the truck bumpers as the pulling forces will act in a reverse direction, making the vehicle a flying object.

Clear the Area to Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Before beginning the process of dragging out the stuck goods with a towing chain, clear the area of irrelevant individuals to avoid an interception. In some cases, the chain snaps and hits anyone near the area.

Make sure the driver of the moving vehicle is wearing his seatbelt and can communicate properly with the helpers.

A Proper Towing Chain

Dealing with a tow chain always requires proper care. Ensure the chain you use is strong enough for the task if you are getting cracking sounds or find some parts are not in good shape or are corrosive. It is advised to use a new towing chain in good condition. Because, in many cases, the chain breaks while towing and causes some severe injuries or even death.

You should be careful in every aspect. It can be dangerous if you are not careful, just like in the case in which a chain snaps and hits man in the face. Accidents cause deaths, and so they do so in this case.

Chain Snaps and Hits Man in Face That Causes Injuries and His Death

It happened in 2012 on a day in the woods after a heavy storm. A man was stuck and got help from a friend named Wade. Wade was trying to remove the tree by helping his friend and died.

The news spread when people were wobbling at the site. These were the neighbors who happened to see the death of a man who was helping his friend. He was in the truck while assisting in the deep muddy area. For these types of places, one should use several health instruments while helping others.

The storm devastated the area, and people were helping each other in Northern Henrico County. It is a place in the 8700 block of Pine Top Drive where people were helping and wobbling when a chain snaps and hits man’s face in an accident while helping his friend.

People didn’t see the accident with their own eyes, but the dead person’s friends explained how it had happened. They said he was helping his friend remove a tree when this happened and got injured.

Actually, he did not die on the spot but in the hospital after some time. It was Monday, after a heavy storm hit that place. Wade could have been saved if they happened to have used the safety precautions. It is a significant loss to die instead of rescuing others.

What Happened In This Incident?

Both the friends lived in a rented house, and the house owner also stated about the incident. Her name was Renee Raymond, and she rented the house to both friends.

According to her, the tree was struck, and Wade started to help his friend. To take away the tree, Wade used a chain to help. He wrapped the chain around the tree and tied one end of the chain to the truck used to pick up the trees from such areas if a storm took place.

Wade was in the safe zone at the fence line when he found his friend stuck. To help him, he started the truck after wrapping the chain. During his progress, the chain snaps and hits man in the face.

He was sent to the hospital immediately after he got injured. Unfortunately, he couldn’t endure it and died at the hospital. He was just helping his friend and had no idea that the chain could snap and hurt him. He was a married man and died, leaving behind his wife, an eight-year-old girl, and a three-month-old baby.

All are left alone, and the children have lost their biological father for the rest of their lives.

After the death of Wade, his neighbor, named Allen, set up his funeral and expressed his sincere prayers for him and his family. Allen lived near the accident, and she knew them very well too. So, he made the arrangements for his funeral and supported his family.

Why Did This Incident Happen?

The chain snaps and hits the man because he was not cautious at first. It could have saved his life if he knew how to cope with such a towing situation.

In the case of Wade, a family has turned only because he had not taken it seriously before jumping into the truck. The use of gadgets is not something to be used without precautions.

There are many instruments one can use for their health and safety. Many people are there who have experienced almost the same thing, and one should be prepared before getting into it.

There are various ways to know and practice multiple methods that are helpful in such situations. Always practice those things because no one knows when they will need to use them.


It always guides us to understand the precautions before using such machines. We have discussed the entire case when the chain snaps and hits the man in the face—the cause of Wade’s death and how it started. Our guide might help you overcome such risks.

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