Easily Resolved Causes Of Call Failed On iPhone

call failed iPhone

Do you want to know why your call failed on iPhone? There’s nothing more tricky than getting a call failed iPhone error just when you need to make an important call. How to fix call failure on iPhone? Here are some tips to try if you’re having trouble with your iPhone.

Either your cellular service provider or the iPhone might be at fault. Consider one of these frequent solutions if you’re having trouble making a call and suspect the issue may be on your iPhone.

What Does Call Fail to Mean on iPhone?

An iPhone call over the cellular network is failing. The calling screen appears once you locate the desired number and touch the call button. The “Call Failed” warning and the options to cancel and try again appear after a few seconds.

Do these things seem familiar to you? Yes, you certainly are not alone. That’s a problem that a lot of iPhone owners have. You can make a successful call by pressing the “Call Back” button. There are situations when you will keep getting the “call failed” error message. You may receive a call failed iPhone 11 notification.

How to Fix Call Failed on iPhone?

You might try a few possible solutions if a call fails to connect on your phone. Most of them take a few seconds to implement, giving you high hopes that the problem will soon be resolved. To find the best answer for you, try each of the following. Through this, you can solve call failed iPhone 12 as well.

  • Dial *#31#
  • Toggle Airplane Mode Off and On
  • Phone restart required
  • iPhone Network Settings Reset
  • Modify Network Settings
  • Replace Your Current iOS Version With the Most Recent Release
  • Reset All Options
  • Look at the list of blocked phone numbers

Check the status of call forwarding.

Dial *#31#  to Resolve Call Failed on iPhone

Dial #31# Dail from iphone

Dialing *#31# is a frequent workaround for the “call failed” message on the iPhone. If you have mistakenly enabled your phone’s outgoing anonymity mode, dialing the code will switch it off and restore standard calling functionality.

Toggle the Airplane Mode On and Off

Simply activating and disabling Airplane Mode is another quick fix you may attempt. If your iPhone has network-related problems, this feature may renew the network connections on WiFi and cellular networks.

Swipe down from the iPhone’s top right corner to access the Control Center. To use Airplane Mode, activate the symbol. Hold off for a second, and then switch it off again.

Phone Restart Required

You may try rebooting your iPhone if the preceding solution doesn’t work. Using the buttons in the usual manner is the quickest method. Alternatively, you may access General from the Settings menu. Move on to Power Off. Start the iPhone and attempt to make a call again in one minute. It will resolve the problem.

iPhone Network Settings Reset

Suppose you believe your iPhone’s network is to blame for its call failures. In that case, you may try resetting its network settings. Do a factory reset if you can’t get your smartphone to connect to the network, send or receive messages, or use cellular data. No sensitive information will be lost, but your previously stored WiFi and Bluetooth settings and VPN configurations will be removed.

Modify Network Settings

In some instances, updating the iPhone’s carrier settings might resolve problems like call dropping and iPhone calls failing. How to Change Carrier Settings:

  • Connect your iPhone to a stable WiFi network or turn on cellular data.
  • Just open up Config and go to General -> About.

If an update is now available, you will be notified.

Replace Your Current iOS Version With the Most Recent Update

What version of iOS are you running, and why is it so old? iPhone call failed is among the many problems that might arise. Think about upgrading to the most recent version of iOS. The iOS version may be updated quickly by selecting General from the Settings menu, followed by Software Update.

Reset All Options when Call Failed on iPhone

If it didn’t work, try resetting to factory defaults instead. The repercussions of this are far more significant.

This will reset your iPhone to its factory settings. All options for your device’s connectivity and functionality, including the keyboard, Home Screen, wireless, Bluetooth, virtual private network, and location services, are all under one umbrella. However, it will not remove any sensitive information and call failed iPhone 13 problem will be solved.

Look at the List of Blocked Phone Numbers

Maybe you blocked someone on purpose or by mistake one day therefore you are facing iPhone call failed. Check whether the called number is restricted from receiving calls. To do so, launch the device’s settings and choose a phone. To see the list of blocked contacts, you must scroll down and then press on that option. Swipe the contact or phone from right to left to unblock them if they have been added here.

Confirm the Status of Call Forwarding

Similarly, call forwarding might create interference and should be disabled if you’re experiencing call drops. You may do this by accessing the Settings menu on your smartphone.

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