Best 3D Video Cameras Top 10

In the last few years, the manufacturers of top camera such as Sony, Panasonic and JVC have established customer-friendly the 3D camcorders which created on the progresses previously achieved in the solid HD camcorders which are customer-based. So, here are the top 10 Best 3D Video Cameras:


Panasonic Lumix 3D 1

A 3D camera which can capture 3D pictures stills as well as the 3D video.


  • The optical zoom of this is comparatively low with about 4x rate.
  • The judgment= 9.88 out of10
  • The future of such handheld cameras, DMC-3D1K is holding with inside-camera editing of photo, the 3D capabilities of video as well as 70MB internal memory.

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3

This can able you to preview 3D contented straight to the camera.


  • Image sensor having 10-megapixel resolution of picture.
  • The judgment= 9.13 out of 10
  • It is an amazing camera and performs everything: 3D as well as HD video, 3D and 2D images as well as many things.


Panasonic Lumix ZS 30

The astonishing Panasonic Lumix ZS30 has created Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC technology.


  • 3D movies are not possible lacking dual lenses, therefore this camera does not hold them.
  • The Verdict= 9.1 out of 10
  • For rapid picture-taking, upload and transfer, this is found to be an outstanding camera.

 Sony Cyber-shot TX 30

Such camera holds tremendously high resolution as well as can be utilized everywhere, even undersea.


  • As 3D video wants dual lenses, such camera doesn’t hold it up.
  • The judgment= 9.07 out of 10
  • This is the right choice.

 Sony Cyber-shot WX 300

A pocket-size camera which is packed as a punch, through optical zoom of 20 xs as well as18 megapixels as you can change to 3D images honestly from the form dial.


  • No dual lenses, it can’t take different 3D video as well as any motion throughout the 3D shots that will damage the effect.
  • The judgment= 8.58 out of 10
  • The camera holds the versatility and power.

Olympus SP 810UZ

The optical zoom, i.e., 36 xs is huge for taking distant shots.


  • Simply still images can be capture in the 3D style, as well as the zoom of the lens built for deprived 3D images at a distance.
  • The judgment= 8.32 out of 10
  • It is an excellent camera, however if you would like to make use of it chiefly like a 3D camera, there’re superior choice.

Nikon Coolpix P 520

The auto stabilization of 42x optical zoom is extremely remarkable.


  • Mainly the zoom is ineffectual for 3D pictures. As well, this camera is able to just capture 3D still shots through panning.
  • The judgment= 8.13 out of 10
  • While a super zoom, it is an excellent camera; like 3D camera, it comprises a number of limitations.

Olympus SZ 20

This camera contains a quality resolution of 16 megapixels to capture every instant with complete information.


  • Can not be recorded in 3D, Just in HD.
  • The judgment= 8.07/10
  • This camera holds every good feature present in 3D camera except 3D Video.

Panasonic Lumix LX 7

It is light as well as small with no compromise with complete functionality. It is known to be a photo devotee’s camera.


  • Afterthought 3D images, and not available on camera view.
  • The judgment= 8.03 out of 10
  • One of the great and successful sleekest camera.

Panasonic Lumix FZ 200

The 3D camera having an internal space of memory of about 70MB, that is roomier a lot.


  • Even though you might capture the HD video, the 3D video can’t be recorded by FZ200.
  • The judgment= 8 out of 10
  • The camera is heavy and holds few features as compared to competitors.
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