Apple Plans to Turn Locked iPhone Into Smart Display With iOS 17

iPhones Into Smart Displays

Apple Inc. is gearing up to introduce an innovative feature with its upcoming iOS 17 software update that will transform a locked iPhone into a smart display. This new interface aims to enhance the user experience by showcasing useful information, such as calendar appointments, weather updates, and notifications, in a style reminiscent of smart-home displays. Apple’s approach is inspired by similar functionalities found in Android operating systems and popular devices from Google and Amazon.

Enhanced Lock Screen Display

With iOS 17, Apple is set to release a feature that will revolutionize the locked screen experience on iPhones. When the phone is locked and placed horizontally, the smart home-style display will activate, offering a range of information in a visually appealing format. The goal is to make iPhones more useful when they are idle, such as when they are resting on a desk or nightstand. The interface will employ a dark background with bright text, optimizing legibility even from a distance.

Building on Lock Screen Widgets

This new smart home-style display builds upon the foundation laid by Apple’s lock screen widgets, which were introduced in iOS 16. Lock screen widgets allow users to view small snippets of information, such as weather updates and news, beneath the time display on their locked screens. Apple’s forthcoming feature takes this concept further, creating a dynamic and interactive display that mimics the functionality of dedicated smart-home devices.

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Expanding to Other Devices

While initially designed for iPhones, Apple is exploring the possibility of bringing the smart home-style display feature to iPads as well. However, it is worth noting that the company typically introduces new features to iPhones before extending them to iPads. As of now, lock screen widgets are not yet available on iPads, indicating that there might be a delay in bringing this feature to Apple’s tablet devices.

Other Notable Updates

Apple plans to introduce several significant changes and enhancements beyond the smart home-style display feature in iOS 17. The company intends to revamp its Wallet app, providing users with an improved and more comprehensive digital wallet experience. Additionally, location services will receive updates, and a dedicated journaling app will be introduced to help users log their thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, we have scheduled updates for SharePlay, the feature that enables synchronized streaming of media during FaceTime calls.

Furthermore, AirPlay, which allows users to stream or share content from their Apple devices to compatible smart TVs, will see improvements. Apple has been in discussions with hotels to streamline the process of streaming video and audio to devices that users may not own. These updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to enhancing the overall user experience and expanding the functionality of its ecosystem.

When will Apple unveil the smart home-style display feature and iOS 17?

Apple is expected to reveal the smart home-style display feature and iOS 17 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5.

What other updates can we expect with iOS 17?

In addition to the smart home-style display, iOS 17 will bring significant changes to the Wallet app, enhancements to location services, the introduction of a journaling app, updates to SharePlay, and improvements to AirPlay.

Will the smart home-style display feature be available on iPads?

Apple is considering bringing the feature to iPads; however, it may take longer as new features are typically introduced on iPhones first.

What is the purpose of the dark background and bright text in the smart home-style display?

The dark background with bright text is designed to optimize legibility, allowing users to read the displayed information easily even from a distance.

What other announcements can we expect from Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference?

Apart from iOS 17 and the smart home-style display, Apple is anticipated to unveil its new AR/ VR headset, xrOS, new Mac laptops, and software updates.

Source: Bloomberg

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