How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon On iPhone

apple pay on amazon

Apple Pay allows individuals to easily and securely accept transactions without revealing personal information. The data associated with your debit card is not required to complete an e-purchase.

If you regularly purchase at Amazon, you may be wondering if you are able to utilize Apple Pay there as well.

You could have incorrectly anticipated the reply. I’ll cover all of Apple Pay’s capabilities, its workings, ways to make use of it on Amazon, and further in this tutorial. I’m going to get started immediately.

Apple Pay: What is it?

Apple Pay is a cellular transaction and e-wallet system provided by Apple Inc. that allows customers to perform transactions using their Apple gadgets. It works on any iPhone device.

With the Apple Wallet app, you can safely save your credit card details so you won’t have to enter them each time you wish to make an online or in-store purchase.

Just you have when you want to finish an Apple Pay deal, based on your gadget, is to use the Face Touch sensor for trade verification. Your bank account, credit card, Apple Cash card, or any other preferred form of transaction you’ve added is used by your Apple Pay digital wallet upon verification.

Due to the lack of need to exchange private information with third parties, this digital wallet is significantly quicker as well as safer than conventional payment methods. Using NFC on the internet, Apple Pay also facilitates payments via contactless technology.

Instead of swiping a card or entering additional information, shoppers may press their smartphones against an NFC scanner if the merchant has one at their payment desk.

How does Apple Pay function?

Paying for goods and services with your Apple smartphone is safe and easy with Apple Pay. Users’ billing addresses can be saved on their iPhones with the Apple Wallet program. During an order, consumers can choose to pay with Apple Pay and use Touch ID or Face ID to verify the sale.

You can send transactions fast without having to provide the details of your payment every time with digital payment systems like Apple Pay. To utilize Apple Pay, input your bank account details or credit or debit card details into the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone device.

Either capture a picture of your card or write down all of its information, such as the name, verification number, and date of validity.  Just select Apple Pay as the way to pay at delivery and use Touch ID or Face ID to confirm the order as you complete a purchase via the internet with Apple Pay.

You might have to input a password when verifying the transaction’s balance if Face or Touch ID isn’t supported. The transaction will be charged straight from the store or website to the standard means of payment that you have set up in your Apple Pay account.

Apple Pay can also be used for purchases made in-store, however, it needs a device that supports NFC. To authorize purchases without using a real card, you need to keep the gadget close to these terminals while Face or Touch ID is enabled.

Digital wallets such as Apple Pay are ideal for individuals seeking ease while sacrificing security. Although not all retailers on the internet support Apple Pay, it is a safe and practical method of making payments.

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon on iPhone?

A simple and rapid method to expedite the Apple payment procedure on Amazon is to use your iPhone.Following are the instructions given below:

  • Double-check that you add your debit card to Apple Pay before enabling it to make purchases on Amazon. To take advantage of Apple Pay with an iPhone, you have to input the credit card details in the Wallet application. Just launch the program and adhere to the directions.
  • Upon inputting the card information, you can visit the Amazon site on your iPhone. Sign in after opening your account.
  • Log in to your financial institution’s preferences and select the “Payment options” section.
  • Choose “Credit/Debit Card” if asked to “Include a funding type.”
  • Input your Apple Card information.
  • If you want to pay with your Apple Card at the moment of receipt during an Amazon buying, have it close at reach.

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon app?

If the vendor permits it, you can use Apple Pay to complete the purchase when you check out. As a result, although certain shops accept Apple Pay, others still need to. Here is how to pay with Apple Pay on Amazon.

  • On your gadget, open the Amazon app by clicking the button below.
  • Go into your Amazon account and choose the product you want to buy.
  • ClickApple Pay as your way of transaction.
  • Verify the shipment location and your financial information.
  • You are able to utilize Touch ID or Face ID to confirm the transaction.
  • Verify the transaction and bide your time for the confirmation.

How to use the digital wallet on Amazon?

For the majority of products on Amazon, Apple Pay is not a possibility. In that scenario, you can utilize an Amazon digital wallet – the Apple card. As follows:

  • On your iPhone, launch the Amazon app and log in using your account.
  • Select the Account sign located at the bottom of the main page.
  • Touch the Account.
  • Select Your Payments by swiping down.
  • Click + on the display that appears after selecting the Wallet choice.
  • Choose to include your credit or debit card on the ensuing page.
  • Once you’ve input the details for your Apple schedule, click “Save.” If you want to employ your Apple card as the standard form of settlement, choose the option labeled “Set as the standard payment option”.


For Amazon’s selection, Apple Pay offers a useful and secure form of transaction. However, not every store takes Apple Pay as a payment method. It implies the opposite. Lastly, check with the Amazon retailer to see if they support Apple Pay before completing any of the orders. If you like fast out to shop, Target enables Apple Pay for in-store and in-app purchases.


How can Apple Pay be added to Amazon?

Open Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay> Add Credit or Debit Card

Does Amazon accept Apple Pay?

Yes. Three widely used digital wallets are supported by Amazon Payment Services: Apple Pay, Masterpass, and Visa Checkout.

How to pay with Apple Pay?

A gadget running the Wallet app and compatible with Apple Pay is required to complete a purchase using Apple Pay.

Why can’t I use Apple Pay on Amazon?

You are unable to use Apple Pay to make payments when using the Amazon mobile app or purchasing on

How to use Apple Pay later on Amazon?

For routine orders, select Pay in Four; for more expensive products, select Monthly Sections.

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon without a card?

Open app> Choose items> Payment Method> Add Billing Information.

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