What Are The Best Text Animation Apps For Mobile Phones?

Animation Apps

Animated text is a powerful way to grab attention and keep your audience engaged. With all the compelling text animation effects available, viewers tend to forget they are reading. Technology now allows you to quickly and easily create animated text videos without requiring animation skills. You don’t need to hire professionals or learn complicated software from the core. You can download the Animation apps or use them online by just creating an account.

This text animation app can improve the quality of your design and attract audiences’ attention quickly. Animated text is perfect for emphasizing keywords and important messages, whether in presentations, animated birthday cards, or videos.

You can just simply enter your text, choose your preferences, and you are presented with animated text. It is possible to choose from a variety of animated text apps that are available. Let’s dive into some of the best text animation apps for your mobile phones:

Why Create Animated Text on Video?

Animation is currently the most interesting element in creating appealing online content. According to research, 14.6% of video marketing is growing every year. The animated text in this video can be used for various purposes, including education, animated commercials, entertainment, and so on.

It will give you various advantages for your business and make your brand stand out among competitors. Thus, you will be able to increase your business sales and make a surge in potential clients.

For example, your blockchain industry creates blockchain videos for marketing purposes. Using text animation apps, you can spice up your video marketing by adding animated text to the video. It will attract the audience’s attention quickly.

6 Amazing Text Animation Apps for Smartphones

Editing any content feels incomplete if you only use the default form of writing available on your smartphone. Thus, you must use text animation apps on your mobile phone to create more compelling and eye-catching content. Here are the six best text animation apps:

Adobe Spark PostAdobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is one of the most feature-packed applications you can use. This running writing application contains many features, ranging from animated graphics, posters, flyers, invitations, and more.

Apart from that, Adobe Spark also has features for panning, zooming, giving a sharper focus, filling in text, and so on. All the existing effects and features can make your work or project stand out and be epic.

Therefore, if you use this app, you should not hesitate to create a masterpiece based on your creativity. Thus, it will be easy for you to be creative and produce something unique, engaging, and different.

Adobe Spark is very suitable for beginners; you can immediately start using it without prior knowledge.

Legend: Animation Apps

The following text animation tool is called “Legend.” This application can be installed on your smartphone and used to create animated intros or text for videos. Features include animation, text color, speed size, format, layout, or resizing the existing ones to your heart’s content.

It can increase your creativity, which is channeled through animated text. The color choices provided are also varied and easy to combine; you can be creative with this. You can get it for free from the Google Play Store or Apps Store.

Quick: Animation Apps

Quick is known as an application for editing videos more quickly and easily. However, this app also allows you to add compelling animated text or writing, and beautify your writing with the various features it offers.

It will make your video content look more eye-catching and attractive to viewers. Apart from that, Quick also allows you to create a text logo on videos and add text-themed animations. It is the most effective technique to increase brand exposure via video marketing with animated text.

Hype Type

Hype Type is a must-have tool to create compelling content, especially for content creators. This app allows you to include animated text on your social media videos, including Instagram stories, reels, TikTok, etc.

It’s simple to use the hype type, not tricky. You can connect it to your camera roll and phone’s microphone, then double-tap to add text to the screen. It also provides a preferred font, and color combination and adds music to your story.

Most people usually use this app to create trendy social media content, but it does not rule out the possibility of being used by marketers in creating engaging content for business purposes, usually used as a text at the end of the video for CTAs, or at the beginning of the video as an introduction.


The Animaker is an online application that allows you to create animations effectively and efficiently. Interestingly, Animaker also provides a variety of ready-made presentation templates and adds text to each slide.

The choice of animated text effects, fonts, and color combinations also vary. With this app, you can create colorful animated videos in no time.

It is a perfect fit for content creators and digital marketers to create content to attract wider audiences. This app can support your video production for various purposes, such as entertainment, business, marketing, etc.


The Textro is a simple and elegant tool used to create text animations on your mobile phone. This tool offers a variety of appealing features, including color combinations, fonts, adding music, and adding images or videos as a background. With its varied features, you can make the art of the story more prominent and attractive in your videos.

You will quickly bring in more viewers and likes on your videos. In fact, most viewers prefer videos with text because it makes it easier for them to understand the information and message in them.


Adding animated text to your video is a powerful way to attract audiences’ attention. It helps viewers to remember what they have read because the combination of colors, text movement, and compelling design make the text easily captured by the human brain.
In this case, animated text apps are necessary to produce compelling and high-quality text animation videos. You can leverage the animated text tools mentioned above to make your content stand out among others.

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