Do Solar Chargers Require To Be In Direct Sunlight? |10 Best Solar Chargers

The utility of solar chargers has increased today for charging different sorts of gadgets & they are portable generally.

Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight to Charge?

Solar panels charge in direct proportion to the quantity of sunshine received. The angle of your panel to the sun’s angle is critical, but even in the absence of direct sunlight, panels may still absorb solar energy. Even the modest quantity of shade can cause the solar panels to switch off. Also clean you solar panels to get best result out of them.

Solar charges have four basic variations depending upon the usage, i.e.

  • Fold-out model
  • Portable, smaller model
  • Public solar model
  • Torches

So, if you need solar charges, think about their power, then you need a plus budget for that. Determine whether you need a lightweight charger for smaller equipment or a larger one. There are many options open; all you need is to make an intelligent choice.

Here is a brief description of the top 10 solar charges for your choice:-

  1. Solar-powered backup charger plus battery

This charger helps you charge your daily use gadgets like MP3, Blackberry, iPod and iPhone using a USB cable. Charger consists of a Universal carbineer mount along with a windshield mount cradle.

It has an internal 1500ma Lithium-Lon battery which saves power for your utility. It is rechargeable from a USB cable or sun.

Solar powered backup charger plus battery

9. Power Sports Solar Battery Charger

This unique solar charger with overcharging or discharging protection characteristics. It is designed for tractors, snowmobiles, watercraft, ATVs and motorcycles. It is weatherproof, of course. The best thing about it is that it is rechargeable, whether it is foggy, rainy or a sunny day and takes no time to install.

Power Sports Solar Battery Charger

8. Three-bladed solar charger

This hybrid solar charger is built to recharge your digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, game players, PDAs, iPods, and even GPS units. Its internal battery takes four hours to charge fully using a socket or eight to ten hours to charge from the sunlight and it has a year’s battery timing.

Three bladed solar charger

7. Campaign Lantern & mobile charger

It is a stove-like solar charger that has solar panels inside its cap. Its battery can never die and can be charged via sunlight or AC electricity.

Campaign Lantern & mobile charger

6. Vehicle charger

Solar Battery Maintainer is a charger to aid you when your vehicle’s battery pops off. Solar panels are easy to set up. Directly plug them into the cigarette lighter and mount them in the suction cups. Easy!

Vehicle charger

5. Solar Radio Aka Cell Phone Charger

A small, tiny, hand-fitted solar radio charger is a useful utility to help in danger. It is a solar radio with AM/FM tuning plus an LED flashlight, but its USB port helps charge your cell phones or other mini electronics when a need arises.

4. Silver Mini Solar Charger

Your cell phones are your mini worlds now. What would you do if there was a low battery signal on the road?
Take out your mini silver solar charger & the problem is resolved!
The silver mini charger is made from aluminium and resembles an iPod, size-wise. It can charge your phone utilizing daylight for 24 hours or 1 hour using AC power.

Silver Mini Solar Charger

3. AAA, AA, C & D Battery Charger

There is a solar charger capable of charging up to 11 variant types of batteries like AAA, AA, C, D and many more. It has a meter to measure the amount of sun rays it absorbs. Its panels are designed in such a way to let charge from the sun exposure.AAA, AA, C & D Battery Charger

2. Folding solar chargers

The solar chargers are simple to carry with you wherever you go. It can charge various devices, including phones, mini gaming devices, iPods, etc. It’s a 6 volt plus 200mA portable device that 4AA or 4AAA batteries can charge. The blocking diode acts as an alternative night flow protection.Folding solar chargers

1.    iPhone, iPod, kindle and Blackberry Solar chargersound ipot charger solar

It is the most efficient solar charger which could charge several items like SmartPhones, iPhones, Blackberry, iPod and Kindle etc. This solar charger uses several mediums to recharge, such as AC, sun rays, and even computers. It has a high-capacity built-in cell of 1400 mAh. It is rechargeable up to a thousand times & only needs 60 minute charging period to restart working. Once recharged fully, it can offer a standby time of 72 hours or at least three hours of talk time.

Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight or Just Light?

No, solar lights do not require direct sunshine to charge. On the other hand, solar lights require some type of light to function. We can produce it without the presence of sunlight and also charge through artificial light.

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