Snapchat: How To Resolve Your Frozen Snap Scores? (Tips 2022)


Snapchat has allowed teens, youngsters, and adults to stay in touch with their fellows and share their daily life updates. Let’s take a look at why are snap scores frozen.

In today’s fast-paced world, who doesn’t want to stay connected and up to speed with the lives of their loved ones? In these expeditious times, it is not possible to stay in touch and have conversations daily but to counter this situation, the founder of Snap Inc., Evan Spiegel, introduced a social media app that is famously known as Snapchat. This app first came into existence in 2011, and since then, it has grown and flourished into a billion-dollar worth company. Snapchat allows individuals to share daily photos and videos with their friends and family. These photos generally disappear after viewing but can also be saved by the person who receives them.

Snaps, Streaks, And Snap Scores

What makes Snapchat different from any other social media app? Well, among the many unique features of this app, there is one that stands out. This feature is that of “snaps” or “streaks.” In simple language, the photos shared by the users are known as snaps, and once you start exchanging snaps daily, you start a “snap streak,” denoted by a fire sign alongside your friend’s name. This streak shows the number of days when you and your fellow have been sharing snaps continuously and daily without breaking them off. If your streak keeps increasing, it allows you to improve your “snap score,” which is a tally or count of your activity on the app. It is a count of how many snaps are sent and received, how many users are added, what stories you send, and more. 

Frozen Snap Scores

Some people use snap scores as a competitive playground where they compare scores to see who has a higher one and use their scores to add trophies to their Snapchat trophy case. There is little use for this score apart from the fact that it is fun and engaging. Sometimes these snap scores freeze due to various reasons, such as maintenance on the app or high server load. Freezing of snap scores means that the snap scores stay the same even if you keep sending and receiving streaks. Freezing these scores can get very annoying for users as the scores need to be updated in real-time. This elucidates why the scores may take time to update, even if you’re exchanging snaps ad nauseam.  

Why is My Friend’s Snap Score Frozen?

If you have been viewing your friend’s profile for a few days and have observed that their snap score has not gone up, there is a very simple explanation: they have unfriended you on Snapchat. If you have been in contact with them for a few days and have been exchanging texts, then obviously, that is not the case, and they might still have you added on their Snapchat. But if you haven’t texted them in a while and the dreaded grey “pending” message appears when you send them a message, it probably means that they have removed you. 

How Long Does the Snap Score Stay Frozen?

Although in most cases, the snap scores keep updating in a few hours, in some scenarios, if the snap score gets frozen, it may stay that way for a longer period, even for a couple of days. It may become exasperating for users keen on increasing their snap scores, but it is fine as the app ultimately updates them in a few hours.

Why are Snap Scores Frozen in 2022?

There can be many reasons why a person’s snap score gets stuck at a specific number. Some people are of the view that this freezing of snap scores is a “glitch” in the app, which causes a failure in updating the scores. Some users have reported that the snap score gets frozen every time Snapchat gets an update. In most cases, this freezing does not need any external intervention as it gets resolved on its own, but if that is not happening, there are some ways to unfreeze your snap score.

How To Unfreeze Your Snap Score?

One way to unfreeze your snap score is to clear the app cache and reload the app. Another way to clear this issue is by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again. You may also try updating your app, as it may have an older version but in most cases, waiting for a few days resolves the issue on its own if your score has not been updated for more than seven days. You may report the problem or try these fixes.

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Why Did My Snap Score Go Up?

Snapchat updates and increases your snap score if you keep sharing content, uploading stories, and watching videos. If you keep sending and receiving snaps, your snap core continually goes up and keeps increasing. When a person is active on Snapchat and has a lot of friends with whom he or she shares snaps and streaks, then their snap score may go up. There are no other ways, besides being active, to boost your snap score.

Can Your Snap Score Decrease If You Check It Too Much?

It is believed that your snap score may get stuck if you check it too much, but a simple fix for this problem is to stop opening your snap score for a few days. You’ll see the score getting unfrozen in an updated form in three to four days.

How To Decrease Your Snap Score?

Like there are many ways to increase your snap score, there are also many ways to lower the rate at which it increases. There has yet to be a proven way to lower your actual score, but you can minimize the rate at which it increases. You may also make your snap score private from the settings, but if you want to decrease it, you may limit sending snaps and streaks to your friends. If you stop sending snaps, it lowers the rate at which the snap score increases or updates, and it may ultimately stop at a specific number. You can not reset your snap score, but you can stop it from increasing or going up if you stop sending snaps.

Why Did My Snap Score Disappear?

Your snap score does not disappear. The disappearance of your score results from a visual bug that makes the score shows a value of zero. Your real snap score cannot get lost, and clear this bug, log out of the app and log back in. This may also happen as a result of a glitch in the app or the system, which gets resolved by itself in a short while.


In a nutshell, Snapchat has helped individuals to stay in touch with each other without the need to call or text daily. Sending and receiving streaks is a good way of increasing your snap score. Your score may get frozen due to application maintenance or an increased server load. Usually, this issue of frozen snap scores gets resolved on its own, but if it does not happen, you may uninstall and reinstall the app, clear its cache, or update it. In this way, your snap score gets unfrozen and restored to its original number.

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