Which industries can benefit from CAD software?

In times of economic uncertainty, small and growing businesses need all of the help and support that they can get in order to survive. For any companies working in the creative industries, one of the most powerful and innovative tools that they can employ is CAD, a software that takes the strain off of design and lets creative juices flow.

If you work in the creative industries, but don’t think CAD is right for you, think again. With new innovations, developments and capabilities, CAD is ripe for a range of applications across a wide variety of industries and can really help to turn your business into something special.



CAD has long been used in architectural practices by architects who want to create, edit and improve their design quickly and easily.

The tools that are built into to most CAD programs offer intuitive shortcuts to users, allowing architects to see their ideas almost as soon as they can think of them.

Product design

However experienced and inventive you are, trying to come up with new products and visualise the finished results on a daily basis can be hard.

Working on a new product design with Solidworks software means that you can see a digital 3D digital model of the product that you are working on as well as allowing you to rotate your product and check interferences, clearances and alignments through the full range of motion.

Landscaping and Interior design

Just as architecture, interior and exterior design requires a lot of visualisation, alteration and invention and CAD can help in all of these areas.

Another benefit of using CAD and especially 3D CAD design is that you can work easily with a client, showing them a realistic, easy-to-understand and easy-to-work- with representation of their home or garden, allowing for collaboration with a client to achieve the perfect result.

Engineering and automotive design

The complex calculations that are made easy by using CAD can have huge advantages in both the engineering and automotive design industries.

Good CAD programs make it easy to test, alter and improve your designs before they go into production, allowing designers and engineers to create products they can be truly proud of.

With CAD software constantly innovating and developing, it becomes ever more useful in a range of industries and to a variety of designers and inventors.

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