Live On Find My iPhone: Everything You Have To Learn About

what does live mean on find my iphone

You may track the location of other users in real time by using Apple’s iOS “Live” function. The Find My app no anymore needs constant updating to show you your friend’s location. Read below how to find my iPhone live.

When given permission, you may utilize the Live function to track the position of another iPhone user in real-time.

This helpful tool can track their position, speed, and direction. This function can be lifesaving when it is vital to keep a watch on children.

How Accurate Is Finding My iPhone Live?

Find My iPhone app works when the location is live. The app is only as accurate as your device’s GPS, leaving it prone to the same issues that impact other apps.

If the network of your gadget is potential, for instance, its position ought to be precise to roughly 20 feet.

However, if your smartphone has a weak signal, you may need help with accuracy between 100 and 1,000 feet.

Furthermore, navigation accuracy might suffer in some environments, such as underground or in the middle of nowhere.

What Does It Mean When Find My iPhone Says “Live” Instead Of “Now”?

Apple improved the Find My app with the introduction of iOS 15. Some key Find My App aspects you should be familiar with are “find my live location vs now”. You and other customers’ positions are regularly updated in the Find My app, rendering it hard to identify a precise spot.

  • Now: This is the present moment: a static reading of someone’s Location at the time of checking.
  • Live: In real-time, a person’s location data is dynamically read and interpreted.

If the other user allows it, you may track their location in real-time using iOS 15’s Live Location feature. Users will benefit from this function since it facilitates communication.

Why Does The Live Location Keep Moving?

If your iPhone’s location keeps changing, it’s because the device’s GPS is off. After rebooting their iPhones, additional customers said the location hopping and other problems stopped. Hold off a little while before trying another time if the map is unable to browse.

When you’re at home, but Find My iPhone thinks you’re somewhere else, you may have seen how inaccurate its location may be. Several people have reported this problem on newer iPhones, including the current iPhone 13 series, which was previously only seen on iOS 12.

What Happens When Find My Live Location Not Working?

You may have noticed that a friend whose location you are tracking on Find My appears on your map merely as a stationary blue indication, and not their actual, real-time location. While the cause of this phenomenon remains a mystery, your iPhone may be fixed by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Verify Location Preferences

The person you’re keeping tabs on may have disabled Find My’s location tracking. They may not have enabled the ‘Precise Location’ option, which would also explain the issue. With their approval, you should check that Precise Location is turned on in their iPhone settings.

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • Ensure that the option for Location Services is turned on.
  • Select Share My Location > Find My iPhone, then toggle on all the settings.
  • Head return to the Find My page and click on Share My Location.
  • Navigate back to the Location Services
  • Scroll down, and press Find My.
  • Choose while using the App, and then turn Accurate Location on and off

Step 2: Launch Find My App again.

It’s possible that Find My has frozen because of a minor bug in the program. Fortunately, this problem may be resolved by closing and reloading the program. When you restart your iPhone, Find I will update its location records, fixing the problem.

  • Use the standard exit menu or the app switcher to leave the app.
  • To return to the homepage or the mobile application drawer to reopen Find Me.

Step 3: Turn on Automatic App Refresh

If you disable Background App Refresh, the Live location could stop updating properly. However, the convenience of this setting comes at the expense of battery life. You should enable background refresh, but disable it for any unnecessary applications.
  • Select General under Settings.
  • To activate, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Method 4: Upgrade your iOS now.

The accuracy of the Live function may also be hindered by bugs or faults in an older iOS version. So, update your iPhone to iOS 7 or later.

  • To access General, go to Settings.
  • Select Software Update and go on as instructed.

How To Turn On Live Location On iPhone?

The Find My app is activated by default on most new devices. Live Location requires that you turn on the function. Because the Find My app cannot be activated remotely, activating it in advance is essential. In this way:

  • Bring up the iPhone’s configuration menu.
  • Choose Find Me by clicking on your name.
  • Select Share My Location if you want your friends and family to understand where you are.
  • Select Find My Device and hit on Find My Device to enable the feature.
  • When your iPhone isn’t connected to a network, you can still use Find My Network to locate it.
  • By enabling Send Last Location, your iPhone will report its location to Apple whenever its battery is low.

Make sure you can locate your smartphone on a map by activating the Location Services function. To activate Location Services, head to your device’s Settings > Privacy. To activate it, simply set the feature’s toggle to the green position.

Does Live On Find My Freinds Mean They Are On Their Phone?

Simply checking their current location implies that they are not using your iPhone at the time. With Find Me, you have express authority to monitor the location of your close friends and family members.

You no longer need to wait for Apple’s servers to automatically refresh and collect your friends’ locations to use Live Location. By using Live on iOS 15, you can track your friends’ location in real time and see where they go on the go.

In general, we agree with Apple’s assessment that iPhones are safer thanks to their Live Location in Find My Friends.

Check out the ‘People’ section of the Find My app to learn about the location of your pals. You must inform your pals of your location if you wish to find out where they are.


The Live feature of the Find My iPhone app allows users to monitor the location of their iPhones and other Apple devices in real time. Friends and relatives may be followed while they travel, too. The Live feature stands out from the crowd since it uses the device’s internal GPS rather than data collected at regular intervals from outside servers.

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