Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Stunning Game That Doesn’t Require a Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2

Explore Nintendo’s gaming evolution: Switch’s success and what’s next in 2023. A pivotal year for gaming. Read here more!

One of the console’s best years with a new Zelda and Super Mario prepares for the speculated new hardware. This may be Nintendo’s last year using the Switch as its flagship device. A Switch successor has been rumored for years, but current reports imply a 2024 arrival. In 2023, the Switch had one of its best years, suggesting that Nintendo isn’t ready to let it go.

Nintendo’s Upcoming Games: Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Just examine the company’s most significant properties. The new mainline Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Wonder are coming this year. The Switch was introduced in 2017, the last year the business released a big Zelda and Super Mario. (Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey sold over 50 million copies.) Tears of the Kingdom, in particular, push the Switch’s limits—look at some of the physics-defying creations in its massive open world.

Despite being a 2D side-scroller, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is massive. Nintendo constructed a new game engine and needed to set a timetable to let the team focus on quality. “We wanted to create a game with much more to offer than ever before, so this time, we didn’t set a fixed time period for development, which is usually decided before we start,” longtime Mario developer Takashi Tezuka said in an interview. “To create something truly enjoyable, we decided to take our time and dedicate ample budget for development without worrying about the production schedule.”

Nintendo’s Upcoming Games

After a few quiet spells, Nintendo has nailed the Switch’s sizeable new release schedule this year. Pikmin 4, modern updates to Advance Wars and Metroid Prime, new Bayonetta, and Fire Emblem games, multiple Pokémon releases, experiments like F-Zero 99, and upcoming titles like WarioWare: Move It! and Super Mario RPG fill out the lineup. Mario and Zelda are the mainstays. Six years later, the console’s release calendar remains thriving. In the past year, Nintendo has expanded beyond games and become a more typical entertainment firm.

Though a Switch replacement may come next year, it won’t be the end. Like the 3DS, the tablet will presumably keep running silently while the new console settles in. The 2024 lineup includes Princess Peach: Showtime! and remakes of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Another Code. The Switch was a success, and Nintendo systems usually expire slowly. Around 130 million devices have been sold, making it Nintendo’s second-best-selling hardware after the original DS.

This may be Nintendo’s most crucial console shift. After the Wii U’s dark days, Nintendo utilized the Switch to prove it could offer a combined console and portable business to compete with bigger, flashier competitors despite weaker technology. It won’t be easy to follow up, mainly because customer expectations have shifted drastically. The hard console switch is gone. Players expect their games and other stuff to transfer when upgrading.

Nintendo’s Switch to Success: Clearing the Way for Gaming Glory

Nintendo has struggled with continuity. I’ve bought Super Mario Bros. 3 for fresh hardware countless times. However, it will be vital for maintaining the Switch’s momentum.

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After a decade of merging its development divisions into one Switch-focused entity, Nintendo is in a beautiful gaming situation. That was part of the Switch’s secret sauce and consistent game stream. It may help whatever follows. The cycle of video game generations shows that success is never guaranteed. A runaway hit like the Wii doesn’t ensure success.

The Switch may end on a high note in 2023, but if Nintendo plays its cards correctly, this year should be the start of something bigger.

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