Most Anticipated Gaming Console In 2024: Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date And Price

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most unique gaming consoles of the past few years. The fans are desperately waiting for the next generation of the Nintendo Switch model. According to various sources, the Nintendo Switch 2 console has improved features compared to the old one. Fans of the console are waiting for the Nintendo Switch 2 release date, but the company has not yet made an official announcement.

According to various rumors, the console will arrive in the middle of the next year, 2024. Expect a noticeable improvement in power, an OLED screen as standard, and the ability to produce 4k results. In this article, I will explore the rumors of the console release date. And what fans can expect from this new console? Let’s dive right into it!

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

As you know, the Nintendo Switch was first released in 2017, and most people bought it and liked it because of its features and good-quality output. But this is the right time to release a new console, according to a real source called SoldierDelta, who leaked this console’s release date and price. According to this source, the release date of Nintendo Switch 2 is September 24, 2024. 

Nintendo Switch 2 Expected Price

Nintendo Switch 2 will come in two different forms. This pair of consoles has a secret name that starts with “NG,” or is its code name. The two different models of this console are the standard and digital models.

The standard model will cost you $499, and the digital model will be available for $400.  The Nintendo Switch console follows the Xbox and PlayStation 5 path in publishing digital and standard versions of those consoles. This helps users choose drives and save money when not using them.

The source also said they can access private information about this console, but it’s important to be careful what they say. A release date of September 2024 seems likely, as new information suggests that a big marketing push is planned for June-August 2024, which could help launch the Nintendo Switch.


The article includes the Nintendo Switch 2 release date and expected price. According to SoldierDelta Source, the console will be released on September 24, 2024, coming in two different models, Standard/Normal or Digital. The standard model costs $499, and the digital version costs $400.

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